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2010-2011 Funded Projects


Success Stories for Ecosystem Services Range Tour
Success Stories for Ecosystem Services Range Tour
Community Water Conservation
Community Water Conservation












Community Water Conversations: New Approaches to Public Deliberations about Water in California

Project Leader: Jodi Cassell Retired: UC Cooperative Extension Santa Clara County

This RREA project provided the opportunity for residents of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta area to discuss Delta water management issues, a discussion greatly needed as mandated Delta policies have impacted residents lifestyle and livelihoods. We held 10 water conversations in 5 Delta counties, analyzed the conversation notes, wrote a briefing paper to document the findings and also produced a video with conversation clips and pictures to highlight the findings visually.


Develop and Document Opportunities and Success Stories for Ecosystem Services on California Rangelands

Project Leader: Stephanie Larson UC Cooperative Extension Sonoma County 

This RREA funding assisted in bringing research based education to rangeland owners and managers about what ecosystem services are and their potential as revenue sources; several different "one pager" publications that describe best management practice applications on rangelands as they relate to ecosystem services have been developed and are available though extension advisors and offices.


Toolkit for Change: Using Personal Stories to Sustain Working Landscapes and Rural Communities

Project Leader: Holly George UC Cooperative Extension Plumas-Sierra Counties

This RREA project has built the capacity of educators and resource professionals to use personal digital stories in community outreach efforts. We accomplished this by creating an online informative and user-friendly toolkit (website); a facilitation and training guide that will assist storytellers in creating their own digital stories for an array of educational uses in natural resources.


A 70-year Photographic Comparison of Range Landscapes in California

Project Leader: Melvin George Emeritus: UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences

This RREA funded project has helped owners, managers, and policy makers understand the potential for rangeland vegetation structure to change or to not change over time. We accomplished this by providing a photographic record of rangeland changes over a 70-80 year period that presents a powerful indicator of the degree of change to rangelands in California.


Dreissenid Mussel Summit

Project Leader: Gregory A. Giusti Emeritus: UC Cooperative Extension Lake and Mendocino Counties

RREA funds allowed us to design, develop, and conduct a statewide summit that addressed the threat of Dreissenid mussels moving throughout California's freshwater ways. We synthesized the information gathered at the summit, attended by over 100 stakeholders, and published it in an independent report sponsored by California Department of Fish and Game.


Improving Web Access and Programming for UC Forestry Extension

Project Leader: Susan Kocher UC Cooperative Extension Central Sierra

This RREA funding supported the development of a comprehensive UCCE forestry website and a series of forestry extension webinars. This has enabled us to broaden the extension of research-based information in forest science and management to hard-to-reach California forest landowners.


Range Plant Physiology, An Online Reusable Learning Module

Project Leader: Melvin George Emeritus: UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences

This project, partially funded by RREA, developed a web-based plant physiology course for rangeland managers, Range Plant Growth and Development, An Online Reusable Learning Module. The course serves the needs for continuing professional education in California and covers several aspects of range plants and grazing and plant growth.




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