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2017-2018 Funded Projects

Prescribed Live-Fire Training
Prescribed Live-Fire Training
Grazing Leases Workshop Tour
Grazing Leases Workshop Tour










Grazing Leases that Work for Rangeland Stewardship and Conservation

Project Leader: Shelia Barry, UC Cooperative Extension San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties

This RREA project focused on sustaining working rangelands by promoting effective grazing leases on private and public rangelands. The targeted audience for this outreach effort was rangeland managers, owners, and prospective rangeland lessors. The project developed 3 publications and a searchable database of lease language examples. Information was extended on leasing and managing rangelands at two workshops attended by ranchers, landowners and others.


Building Capacity for Prescribed Fire on Private Lands

Project Leader: Lenya Quinn-Davidson, UC Cooperative Extension Humboldt County

RREA funding allowed for the expansion of prescribed fire programming beyond Humboldt County. The work accomplished though this year’s RREA grant has been groundbreaking and provided unprecedented training opportunities for private landowners and volunteer fire departments, conservation-focused NGO's, and UC Cooperative Extension advisors. In addition, this RREA project leveraged significant funding, helped to inform statewide policies and is believed to have catalyzed major changes regarding the use of prescribed burning as an important fire management tool for California.


Sustainable You! Summer Camp

Project Leader: Hannah Bird, ANR Hopland Research and Extension Center

RREA provided partial funding for a summer-hire student to put together the 2018 Sustainable You! camp. The camp is a high-quality week-long STEM-focused summer camp for 9-12-year-olds living in communities with a high rate of household income below the federal poverty level. The week-long camp focused on sustainability and preservation of natural resources; participants had access to real scientists, explored natural lands, and participated in fun, interactive projects concerning the sustainability of natural resources.


Completing the Development of the Database Management System CalInvasives

Project Leader: Matteo Garbelotto, UC Berkeley Environmental Science, Policy and Management

RREA funding allowed us to finalize Calinvasives, a new database management system that provides basic and important information on the biology, ecology, epidemiology, and impacts of emergent pathogens or emergent pathogens associated with insects threatening native California ecosystems. The audience for CalInvasives is varied and ranges from land owners and managers, to policy makers, to government personnel and researchers. In the first year we have doubled the number of submissions to the database by experts and been invited to give three talks (two in California and one in Germany) on the subject.


Integrating Climate Change in California Cooperative Extension Programs Workshop and Professional Development

Project Leader: Susie Kocher, UC Cooperative Extension Central Sierra

Supported by RREA funds we developed and lead a professional development workshop for 56 UC ANR academics and staff from across disciplinary fields, including water, nutrition, agriculture, forestry, rangelands, and fire. The objectives were to improve climate literacy, strengthening relationships among personnel working on climate change issues, and identifying climate change extension priorities for specific programs and UC ANR as a whole. The workshop was a successful step in building a community of practice around climate change extension.


California Land Use & Ownership Portal

Project Leader: Luke Macaulay, UC Berkeley Environmental Science, Policy and Management

This project continued the development of a website that provides stakeholders easy access to needed land-use change in California. The website developed, CalLands, provides a wealth of land-use change information to California land planners, land managers, land owners, NGO's, and decision makers, to assist them in making prudent and sustainable land-use decisions. During the period the team also led 2 workshops to gather feedback from the site users.


Rangeland Management Course for Ranchers

Project Leader: Fadzayi Mashiri, UC Cooperative Extension Mariposa, Merced, and Madera Counties

RREA funding allowed us to develop and design materials for a two-day workshop with a goal to provide ecological information and develop practical skills for people who directly manage working rangelands. We have developed the course outline, with topics and subtopics, presenters have been identified, field activities, including rangeland inventory and monitoring, plant identification, weed identification, soil health assessment, and animal handling demonstrations, have been arranged. The workshop is scheduled to be held in April 2019.


Certified Rangeland Management Training: Extension and Education Program

Project Leader: Carissa Rivers, UC Cooperative Extension Siskiyou County

This RREA project supported two workshops on rangeland management that were attended by livestock producers, land managers, ranchers, and others. The attendees were provided with tools to support sustainable livestock enterprises on California rangelands; the workshop also created a venue for the new participants to learn from experienced livestock producers, scientific experts, and Certified Rangeland Managers.


Natural Resource and Economic Impacts of Wild Horses in Northeastern California

Project Leader: Laura Snell, UC Cooperative Extension Modoc County

RREA provided partial salary for 2 summer student interns who provided outreach and education on wild horses and their effect on the local ecosystem. The student-led activities included a clean-up and education day, educational booths at farmer markets and fairs; facilitation of a local stakeholder group that meets monthly; and development of several venue-specific educational programs including a parent-child interaction game about wild horses and their effect on natural resources.


Upgrade, Analyze, and Manage ANR's Oakland Woodland Management Website - 29 Years of Outreach  

Project Leader: William Tietje, UC Cooperative Extension San Luis Obispo County

This RREA supported project increased the functionality and visual appeal of the UC California Oak Woodland Management website that has served as a valuable extension outreach tool since its creation in 1995. The site is a repository of over 30-years of research and outreach concerning the ecology, management, and conservation of California's 8 million acres of oak woodlands. The new site has a much-improved design to better meet the mobile needs of the project’s target audiences: homeowners, ranchers, and planners.









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