University of California
Beekeeping in San Diego County

Step 1

Check local laws for eligibility


Local governments likely have local beekeeping laws that need to be followed.

Beekeeping laws and ordinances may fall under general animal or livestock management policies or there may be an ordinance specific to bees and beekeeping. These regulations have been implemented to strengthen the health, safety and success of honey bees, people and the beekeeping industry – both commercial and hobby.

To learn which policies and ordinances pertain to you, use the Jurisdiction Finder map and links to specific information for the area you are managing hives.

If you are considering raising honey bees to harvest and sell honey or other consumable products using hive by-products, review the San Diego County Cottage Food Operations  site to learn about the policies and permits required.


This site provides education and outreach to the public and beekeepers to protect public safety within San Diego County in response to the the new apiary ordinance. The site has been developed by the University of California Cooperative Extension - Farm and Home Advisers Office in San Diego County with support from the San Diego County - Agriculture, Weights, and Measures Office.

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