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Beekeeping in San Diego County


In adherence to California State regulation (FAC 29040-29056), if you are keeping honey bees in any part of San Diego County, it is required that you register the location of all apiaries as well as the number of hives with the San Diego Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures.

Registration is required to be submitted annually by the first of January or within 30 days of acquiring a honey bee hive.

Registration fee is free for beekeepers who own nine or fewer hives or $10 for those with ten or more hives. Owners can occur fines of up to $1000 for reported apiaries found to be unregistered.

Once registered, beekeepers become part of the San Diego County honey bee network to receive information on educational opportunities, research, and regulatory efforts; as well as notifications before “toxic to bees” labeled pesticides are applied within one mile of a registered apiary. Registration also provides beekeepers easier access to the expertise of the county entomologist and inspector, and/or to apiary specialists.

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This site provides education and outreach to the public and beekeepers to protect public safety within San Diego County in response to the the new apiary ordinance. The site has been developed by the University of California Cooperative Extension - Farm and Home Advisers Office in San Diego County with support from the San Diego County - Agriculture, Weights, and Measures Office.

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