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Master Gardener Training Application Deadline 9-28

Do you enjoy gardening? Do you want to get involved in your community?

The San Joaquin and Stanislaus UC Master Gardener Programs are now accepting applications for our 2019 training. The training will take place in Stockton (for both programs) and volunteer hours will take place in the county that you live in (San Joaquin or Stanislaus) We are excited to help Stanislaus County Master Gardeners get their new program up and running!

Please share the attached flyer  (click on the link that says donwload newsletter) with friends, family and co-workers that might be interested in participating in our training. The application deadline is SEPTEMBER 28th so don't miss out! For more info, visit our website by clicking here or give us a call at 209-953-6112. Stanislaus residents can apply online by clicking here.

JPG 9/17/18
July-September Master Gardener Newsletter (5,268KB)

It's time for the newest issue of What's Growing On, and its full of some great summer gardening tips as well as info about our next Master Gardener Training (and the Master Food Preserver Training too!)  

Go out and get your morning garden chores done and then pour yourself a cold drink and click on the link to download this issue of our Master Gardener newsletter.

Have a great weekend!

PDF 7/7/18
April-June 2018 (2,950KB)

We hope you enjoy this issue of Garden Notes!


Irrigation  Optimization

Garden Chores            

Community Connections: Insight Garden Program

Pests and Plants of the Season

Front Yard Vegetable Gardening

Beneficials: Syrphid Fly

Growing Knowledge 8

From the Garden

Demo Garden              

Gardening Tips for    

The Help Desk: Carpenter Bees

Taste of the Season             

Coming Events           


PDF 5/7/18
January-March 2018 (7,374KB)

Happy New Year! January is a good time of year for planning. This edition of Garden Notes is full of helpful gardening tips and articles. We hope you find it inspiring and educational! Stay tuned for our Smart Gardening Workshop registration announcement, this event is set for March 3, 2018.

We hope you have a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!

PDF 12/28/17
October - December 2017 (5,057KB)

Happy Fall! This chilly morning reminded me that fall is officially here. Its a great time to make a warm cup of tea and download this issue of our Master Gardener Newsletter. We hope you find the information inside timely and inspirational.

Make sure you mark your calendar for our Fall Open Garden Day on October 14. You can find more info on this on page 18 of our newsletter. If you have any questions about any of the articles in this issue, please call the Master Gardener office at 209-953-6112.

PDF 10/3/17
July-September Master Gardener Newsletter (4,238KB)

The summer edition of our Master Gardener newsletter is ready to download!! We hope you will find it full of great gardening tips and timely advice.

Master Gardeners are available to answer your gardening questions and are in the office Monday-Thursday from 9am-noon. They can be reached at 209-953-6100

Happy Gardening!

PDF 7/5/17
April-June Master Gardener Garden Notes (6,480KB)

Sorry for the duplicate email! We fixed a missing photo issue we had in an article. 

The weekend is here and our quarterly newsletter is ready for your viewing pleasure! Don't wait to open it, our calendar of events has a few things that are going on tomorrow! Don't miss the announcement ad about the HHW collection event in Lodi on Saturday, April 1. 

In this issue you will also find the new Master Food Preserver Newsletter in the back of the newsletter. You can sign up on their website to receive future editions. Lastly we want to make sure you see the info about our Spring Open Garden day on April 22 from 9am - noon. We have lots of great things planned including a tomato plant sale and free hand pruner sharpening.

Inside this issue you will find:


Garden Chores            
Community Connections: Boggs Tract Farm - How Does Your Garden Grow?
Pests and Plants
of the Season
Fundamental Facts About Fertilizers
Growing Knowledge - 
Weedless Gardening
Beneficials -
From the Garden -
Learning Landscape & Horticultural Terms                  
The Help Desk  - Citrus Leafminer
Taste of the Season             
Coming Events          
Master Food Preserver Newsletter             



PDF 3/31/17
2017 January-March (2,269KB)

Happy New Year!  We have put together a timely newsletter you can enjoy while you sip a warm cup of coffee and listen to the much needed rain outside.

In this issue you will find information on seasonal garden chores, garden tool maintenance, pests and plants of the seasons, garden journals, a great book review and some tasty recipes. We also share some fun herb crafts as well as info on grafting and garden beneficials. 

We hope you enjoy this issue of Garden Notes. Happy Gardening!


PDF 1/5/17
2016 October-December (5,467KB)

Happy Fall! We hope you are enjoying the cooler weather! Sit down with a warm cup of something tasty and enjoy this issue of our quarterly Master Gardener newsletter full of timely tips and useful garden information.


Garden Chores              
From the Garden- Potpourri of Fanciful Fall Projects
Pests and Plants - Broadleaf mistletoe, Scales, Catchweed Bedstraw
Mosquito-borne Diseases
Beneficials - Damselflies
Growing Knowledge - Grown-The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America     
Community - Connections:School Gardens
Horticultural Terms -Rhizomes, tubers, bulbs, and corms.
Taste of the Season            
Coming Events          
2017 MG Training    
Open Garden Day    
Sharps Disposal Info



PDF 10/3/16
2016 July-September (5,556KB)


Garden Chores 
Gifts from the Garden - Savvy, Sassy, Succulents  
Pests and Plants  - Raccoons and Opossums Creeping Woodsorrel, Leaf Spot, Bush Anemone, Russian Sage, Silver Carpet  
Epiphyte Plants    
Beneficial Insects - Ladybird Beetles 
Growing Knowledge - Herb Society of America Conference           
Community Connections -Teaching Gardens 
The Help Desk - Growing Blueberries 
Horticultural Terms - Drip Irrigation  
In the Demo Garden   
Taste of the Season                  
Coming Events           
2017 MG Training      

PDF 7/8/16
2016 April-June (4,365KB)

We hope you enjoy the latest issue of Garden Notes. Happy Gardening!


Garden Chores               

Horticultural Therapy

Pests and Plants         

    Chilli Thrips, Australan Willow, Cape Mallow, & Penstemon

 From the Garden - Wedding Favors              

 Beneficial Insects - Ichneumon Wasps

Growing Knowledge

Gardening for Seniors      

Community Connections: Master Gardeners Assist Emergency Food Bank with Teaching Garden9

Know Your Microclimates 

The Help Desk - Asian Citrus Psyllid

Horticultural Terms

Taste of the Season           

Coming Events


PDF 4/18/16
2016 Jan-Mar (4,019KB)

What a perfect day to curl up with your favorite cup of something hot, get nice and cozy and dive into our newest issue of Garden Notes. We hope you enjoy this issue and find it full of timely gardening tips and info. 


Maximizing Water Resources                                  

Adaptive Gardening    

Garden Chores                

Pests and Plants of the Season                

From the Garden - Giving Dead Trees New Life

Beneficial Insects - Braconid Wasps

Growing Knowledge - Seed Catalogs

Community Connections - The Lodi Wine Region

The Help Desk - Neonicotinoids

Horticultural Terms

Taste of the Season            

Coming Events


PDF 1/19/16
2015 October-December (5,512KB)

We hope you are enjoying this cooler weather and this issue of Garden Notes.


PDF 10/12/15
2015 July-September (4,958KB)

Trying to find something to do to beat the heat? Our master gardener newsletter is jammed packed with helpful tips and articles. Grab a cold beverage, sit down and relax with the newest issue of Garden Notes. Happy Gardening!


Garden Chores                

Urban Drool                                                       

Pests and Plants -Bark Beetle, Bamboo, & Fairy Wing. Succulents: Echeveria, Sedum & Crassula

From the Garden: Cutting Gardens for Water Conserving Landscapes    

Beneficial Insects - Pirate Bugs

Growing Knowledge - Children’s Books 

The Garden Gate -Farmers’ Markets

The Help Desk - Soil Solarization

Horticultural Terms—Being Green

Taste of the Season - Summer All Stars           

Coming Events

PDF 7/15/15
2015 April-June (4,857KB)

Spring is a busy time for our Master Gardeners and myself (the program coordinator) so our newsletter is getting out a little later than normal but it is filled with great gardening articles, seasonal tips and other information that we hope you fine useful.

Happy Gardening!


  • Garden Chores                 
  • What is an Heirloom? 
  • Pests and Plants              
    • Manroot, Black Vine Weevil & Sooty Mold, Canterbury Bells, Popcorn Viburnum, California Buckeye.
  • Safe Food Preservation                                                    
  • Beneficial Insects -Dragonflies                         
  • Growing Knowledge   
  • CA Bees & Bloom
  • Yard for the Birds?
  • The Garden Gate -Jerry Roek Memorial Garden
  • Internet Explorations for Young Gardeners
  • The Help Desk - Lemon Fruit Drop
  • Horticultural Terms—Pollination 
  • Taste of the Season - Lemon Recipes16             
  • Coming Events  
PDF 4/16/15
2015 Jan-Mar (4,447KB) PDF 1/12/15
2014 Oct-Dec (2,970KB)


Garden Chores               

From the Garden            

Preserving Herbs                                        

Pests - Disease Triangle, Poke weed, & White Grubs     

Plants of the Season - Winter Jasmine, Cyclamen & Liquidambar

Horticultural Terms - Soil

Growing Knowledge - Hellstrip Gardening

Stockton Beautiful 

Beneficial Insects - Solider Beetle

The Garden Gate - Local Pumpkin Patches

The Help Desk


Taste of the Season            

Coming Events

PDF 10/1/14
2014 July-September (4,684KB)

Here is the latest version of "Garden Notes." We hope you find it full of useful information.

Inside this issue:

Garden Chores                 

Garden Gifts                       

Changeable Arrangement                                            

Pests and Plants                   

Plants of the Season      

No-Mow Lawns for the California Landscape  

Growing Knowledge

Sunset Celebration Weekend

50 Amazing Lawn Alternatives

Horticultural Terms

Gardening with Design in Mind

The Garden Gate-Delta Water Supply Treatment Plant 

The Help Desk

Recipes from the Garden Tour           

Coming Events  

2014 Weekend Workshops



PDF 7/29/14
Spring Garden Tour this Sunday, May 18, 2014 (218KB) PDF 5/12/14
2014 April-June (6,626KB)

Happy Spring (hard to believe with the warm weather that its only spring!)

Here is the latest version of "Garden Notes." We hope you find it full of useful information.

Inside this issue:

Garden Chores                2
Gifts from the Garden      3
Pests and Plants              4

Downy Mildew, Willow Herb, Brown Marmorated Stinkbug & Flannel Bush, Manzanita, Silver Bush Lupine

Growing Knowledge         6
Roots Demystified…Change Your Gardening Habits to Help Roots Thrive

Syrphid Fly                      7
Water Conservation Makeover 8
Drought Terms                11
Pest Detection Program    12
CSA’s                              13
Recipes                           14            
Coming Events                15
Garden Tour Info             18
2014 Weekend Workshops20


PDF 4/7/14
2014 January-March (4,741KB)


Garden Chores               
Lockhart Seeds               
Pests and Plants-amping Off, Citrus Leafminer, Creeping Bentgrass, Golden Chain Tree, Lenten Rose, Nandina
Growing Knowledge    
Taste, Memory, Forgotten Foods, Lost Flavors and Why They Matter
Native Bees
Building a Home for Native Bees
Local Garden Clubs
The Help Desk
Protecting Stormwater
Coming Events
2014 Weekend Workshops



PDF 1/12/14
2013 October-December (6,110KB)


Garden Chores               

Fall Pests                           

Pests and Plants            

Peach Leaf Curl, Pantry Pests, Filaree
Rockrose, Aster, Valley Oak

 Growing Knowledge                           
“Eating on the Wild Side”
“What a Plant Knows”                                                  

 Succulent What???


 Hummus vs. Humus

 Local Garden Clubs 12             

 The Help Desk - Spring Bulbs


 Coming Events

 2014 Workshop Schedule

 Eating on the Wild Side Links

Master Food Preserver Holiday Workshop



PDF 10/7/13
2013 July - September (3,817KB)

Trying to find something to do to beat the heat? Our master gardener newsletter is jammed packed with helpful tips and articles. Grab a glass of ice tea, sit down and relax with the newest issue of Garden Notes.

Inside this issue you will find:

  • Garden Chores               
  • Sunset Celebration Weekend                                          
  • Pests and Plants: Tomato Curly Top, Eucalyptus Lerp Psyllid, Puncture Vine, Jacaranda Tree, Sedum & Snowmound Spirea
  • Growing Knowledge   - “Founding Gardeners”
  •  Genus & Species NEW 
  •  Bird Aviary                        
  •  Mosquito Management for Water Features 
  •  Yellowjacket Traps & Internet Resources  
  •  Cool Season Vegetable Garden
  •  Local Garden Clubs              
  •  The Help Desk  - Grafted Tomatoes
  •  Recipes 
  • 10 Key Points About Heat Stress
  • Green Gardener Training
PDF 7/1/13
2013 April-June (4,272KB)

Hi All

Here is the correct version of the Garden Notes newsletter. Sorry about the last one, it was not the correct (or finished) version. 

Enjoy your weekend!



Garden Chores         

Eco-Farm Conference                                       

Pests and Plants:Fireblight, wooly aphid, field bindweed,  strawberry trees, lilies & olive shrubs.

Growing Knowledg3:“Gathering-Memoir of a Seed Saver” & “Garden Home”        

 Internet Resources  

Tough, Trendy,  Terrific Hypertufa

 Local Garden Clubs                   

 The Help Desk

Sweet Potato vs. Yam

 Recipes: Asparagus Torta & Stuffed Artichokes

Coming Events







PDF 4/6/13
2013 January - March (5,514KB)

Happy New Year. We have another packed edition of our newsletter from the San Joaquin Master Gardeners. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Inside you will find:

Garden Chores, Firewood and Pests, Pests and Plants, Growing Knowledge:       Garden Home, Recommended Fruit Trees SJ County, Internet Resources, Ted & Chris Robb Garden, The Help Desk:Pruning Frost Damaged Plants, Recipes: Roasted Vegetables, Carmel Apple Dip, & Minestrone soup, Coming Events & 2013 Workshops 




PDF 1/3/13
2012 October- December (5,335KB)

Happy Fall! We hope you enjoy this issue of Garden Notes

Garden Chores
Sheet Mulching
Pests and Plants       

  • Spider Mites
  • Redwood Needle
  • Browning
  • Catchweed
  • Bedstraw
  • Castor Bean
  • Winter Daphne
  • Japanese Maple

 Growing Knowledge
Internet Resources
Protecting Frost Sensitive Plants
Mondavi Giving Garden
The Help Desk

  • Capturing Water


  • Fall Salad
  • Squash Soup

Coming Events 14


PDF 10/5/12
2012 July - September (4,565KB)


Pet Friendly Gardening 

 Garden Chores         

 Pests and Plants       

     Citrus Whitefly

     Powdery Mildew


     Star Flower

     Deer Grass

     Australian Willow

 Growing Knowledge                 

     Gaias Garden

     Garden Journal

 Internet Resources

 Happy Houseplants

 Emergency Food Bank

 The Help Desk

     Weeds in Lawn


      Peach Cupcakes

      Berry Galletes

 Coming Events

 Oriental Fruit Fly Quarantine Over     





PDF 7/5/12
2012 April-June (4,896KB)


Garden Chores          2

Pests and Plants        4

     Rose Black Spot
     CA Bur Clover
     Coral Bells

 Growing Knowledge                  6

 Internet Resources 7

 Geranium vs. Pelargonium 8

 Herbs at your Fingertips 9

 Staking Tomatoes 10


 The Help Desk 12
     USDA Map

 Recipes 13

 Coming Events 14





PDF 4/3/12
2012 Jan-Mar (6,519KB)

 Happy New Year! Here is the latest issue of Garden Notes from the San Joaquin Master Gardeners. Enjoy!


Garden Chores 2

Internet Resources for young gardeners 3

Snails, Wood Decay & Mallow 4

Pansys, Lilac & Acacia 5


Knowledge 6

Demo Garden 7

The Help Desk

Coming Events 9

Eating Local 10

Holiday Plants 11

Planting Bare Root Roses 13

Recipes—Lemons 15

2012 Workshop Schedule 18 & 19

Pruning Hybrid Teas 8

PDF 12/30/11
2011 Oct-Dec (3,585KB)


Garden Chores          2

Internet Resources for young gardeners       3

Oriental Fruit Fly      4
Peach Leaf Curl

Cyclamen                  5
Winter Jasmine

Growing Knowledge              6

Planting Trees 7

Recipes 9

The Help Desk 10

Coming Events 11

Holiday Decor 12

Living Christmas
Tree 14

Free Prescription
Drug Recycling 18

PDF 10/11/11
2011 April - June (2,683KB)

The April-June issue of Garden Notes is now available.

NEW! The newsletter now contains internal links so you can follow reading an article just by clicking on the blue link at the bottom of the article. The table of contents is now active to jump to an article that may be of greater interest to you. Also look for the “return home” link on the even numbered pages to return back to this home page.

We hope these changes help make reading our informative newsletter a little bit easier. Remember if anything is underlined in blue you can click on that word to learn more about that topic.

PDF 4/5/11
2011 July - September (5,414KB)

The Summer 2011 issue of Garden Notes, the Master Gardener newsletter is now available.


Garden Chores   pg. 2

Internet Resources for young gardeners pg.  3

Asian Citrus Psyllid and Dallisgrass   pg. 4

Snapdragon, Monkeyflower, Crape Myrtle  pg. 5

Growing  Knowledge   pg.  6 & 7

Recipes   pg. 9

The Help Desk   pg. 10

Coming Events   pg. 11

Food Preservation   pg. 12

Sustainable Landscape Conference  pg. 14

PDF 7/14/11
2011 Jan-Mar Newsletter (4,885KB)

Happy New Year!
The 2011 issue of the Master Gardener newsletter is now available on-line. Inside you will find helpful garden chores, information about organic soil amendments, plants and pests of the quarter and lots of other great gardening articles.

PDF 1/7/11
2010 October - December (2,584KB)

The October - December 2010 issue of the San Joaquin County Master Gardener newsletter is now available.

PDF 10/1/10
2010 July-September (3,458KB)

The current issue of the San Joaquin Master Gardener newsletter "Garden Notes"  is now available.

PDF 7/9/10
2010 April-June (4,169KB) PDF 6/21/10
2010 January - March (3,293KB) PDF 6/21/10
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