How to Set Up OneDrive

Feb 20, 2019

We've had some requests for more information on how UC ANR users can set up OneDrive. Please follow these directions, or contact for support.


Open OneDrive from the Start menu

-          For Windows PC, you may need to click on the icon in the Notification Area (next to the date/time at the bottom-right of your screen)

-          For Mac's, click on Go > Applications > then double-click the One Drive application


Enter your UC Davis email address and click Sign In… You'll be redirected to the UC Davis ADFS page to login.




Confirm your UC Davis email address and enter your Kerberos Passphrase

-          Note:  If enrolled in Duo, you will then be prompted to approve the login.


Click through the dialogue boxes to select which folders you'd like to sync and where the OneDrive folder will be located on your computer…


Your OneDrive directory will then appear on the left of your File Explorer window.

-          Note:  Windows may display two OneDrive folders.  Use OneDrive – UC Davis



OneDrive syncs to in the cloud.  Sign in to your Office365 account ( and click the apps grid and the select OneDrive.



From the OneDrive page you will see your synced files.

By David J Hatter
Author - Information Systems Analyst 2