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Calendar Sharing

Calendar sharing allows you to display your events on other sites. There are two aspects that drive this system, the request and the approval.

Requesting a Share

Sharing event screen shot

On the event editing page, you will see a link to "Edit Sharing Sites." You can share a single instance of an event to any other Site Builder 3 site. Click the link to open the calendar sharing pop-up.

Calendar sharing pop-up window

The pop-up will show you every site in Site Builder 3, separated by county, unit and general sites. Find the site you would like to share with, and click on its name. The other site will immediately be added to your sharing list; however, no emails are sent until you save the event. Also, emails are only sent one time to sharing counties, even if you update your event in the future. Emails are delivered to the posted Webmasters for the sites that share your event.

Accepting, Denying and Displaying a Shared Event

Email request

If you are the Webmaster for a site that receives an event sharing request, you will receive an email that will look similar to the one pictured above.

Click the link to log into your site (if you are already logged in to the ANR Portal), and you will go directly to the Calendar Sharing List, where you can accept or deny the request.

Sharing list

When you accept a shared item, it will display on any calendar asset where you are showing ALL events. Calendar assets set to show only specific groups will *not* show shared events.