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Creating a comments asset

Interested in what users think of your content? Place a comments asset on your page, and you will be able to collect moderated messages from your users. If there is other content on the page, we suggest putting your comments at the bottom, so that the users will see the content before posting.

There are two sections you need to be familiar with to use comments in Site Builder: setting up comments and moderating comments.

Setting Up Comments

Choosing options in the comments asset

Go to a page on which you would like to collect comments and add the comments asset. There are only a few options to select before it's ready to go.

  • Show Asset Title: Choose whether or not you would like your asset title to display above the comments.
  • Enable Comments: You can open and close comments at any time. You might need to close comments if they are no longer relevant or necessary, yet you want the old ones to remain on the page
  • Email New Comments: Select an admin to receive email notifications each time a new comment is posted. This should be someone who checks email regularly.
  • Current Comments: Click the link to view/moderate comments.

That's it! Your comments are now set up. As mentioned above, if you have other content on the page, we suggest moving your comments asset to the bottom of the page.

Moderating Comments

Posting comments

Now that your comments asset has been deployed, you can just sit back and wait for all the feedback to start rolling in! Your users will find the form shown above and be able to leave their thoughts.

Message of success

Once they complete the form, your users will receive a message received notice and the contact selected from the "Email New Comments" portion of the asset will be contacted by email.

Email received about a comment

The email includes handy links to get back into Site Builder and approve/reply/delete the message.

Comments List

Click on "Comments" in Site Builder, and you will see a list of all active comments assets in your site. Click on the button marked "Comments" to view any messages sent by users.

New comments

The background of these comments is slightly pink, indicating that the comment is awaiting moderation. You can delete the comment right away, or you can approve and/or reply to it. Clicking "View/Edit" will offer you all options as well.

Approve or Reply to Comments

From this screen, you can add your reply, approve the comment and even edit the original content (if necessary). If you are approving the comment, it will be instantly visible to other users after you save!

Approved Comment