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Custom Map

The Custom Map is a tool to allow you to make a customized map with any number of locations on it as is needed. The locations are shown on the map using pinpoint markers. Each map also contains a list of locations, that can be opened and closed, to make it easier to find a location by name. There are many more options available on the map to make it flexible enough for almost any need.

The map is very flexible when it displays as well. It automatically adjusts its display size to properly fit on the page. People may get directions to any location on the map automatically.

Custom Map Working Example

Custom Map Asset

Creating a custom map Asset is just like creating any other Asset. Create a new Asset, enter a name and select "Custom Map" from the menu.

Making a Custom Map is as simple as:

  1. Choose your options
  2. Add your locations

Choosing your Options

Your two main options are "Number the Icons" and select a "Default Icon".

Basic options available for Custom Map

Number the Icons

This will number the list of locations on the map and will also number the icons on the map. This makes matching up locations on the list and locations on the map much easier. One can always click on the Pinpoint marker or the location name in the list to see more about the location.

Default Icon

This changes the default icon to a different icon. When you click the link "Select New Default Icon", the icon list will expand to show all the icons available at this time. To select a new default icon select the radio button next to the Icon of choice. When you update the Asset your selection will be saved.

Adding Locations

There are 2 different ways to add a location. Both begin by clicking the link "Add Custom Location". There's much more to say about this portion of the process, so these have been separated out into their own pages.
Adding Map Locations

Adding Map Locations

Editing a Location

Editing locations uses the same process as adding a location. The difference is that the location already has information entered. So editing it typically changing one or more pieces about the location. To edit the map location click on the name of the location.
Editing Map Locations

Editing Map Locations

Removing a Location

Click on "remove" to remove a location.
Remove a Map Location

Remove a Map Location

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