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Datastore Data

Adding Data to the Fields

When you first click "Data," you won't likely see any. You see some options for viewing the data, but the list will be empty. Click "Add Data" to begin putting information into the fields.

The fields are ready for input

Our example fields shown as data input fields. We can now add some records to our Datastore! For the multiple check field with presentation themes, we can select more than one. This will allow different records to appear in different reports.

Data in the Store

We've added four records to our Datastore and returned to the data list. They are presently sorted by the key question, which is our presenter name field. Notice the "Export to Excel" button in the blue sub-navigation? It will pull all of the data from your Datastore into one Excel spreadsheet.

Using a marker

The "Marker" option allows you to display additional data in the list. This will help you correctly identify the record that you need to edit.

Now that we've entered some data, we're ready to build some reports!