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Deploying Datastore Asset

Creating a Datastore Asset

If you've read through the other Datastore help pages, you now know how to create fields, add data and make reports. The final step is to actually deploy the asset on a page. There are many, many ways you can display your data depending on how you create your fields and reports, but deploying a report is fairly easy. Let's take a look at the

Inside the Datastore Asset
Datastore assets we created to build our Datastore Sample.

Inside the Datastore Asset

The asset will ask you two major questions: which Datastore are you using, and which report from that Datastore should be displayed. For the sample, the first report will display the presentation themes, which link to a report based on presentation titles that are marked with the chosen theme.

Selecting which records to show

The only other option is to show all records in the report or show only the ones selected in the asset. This added flexibility will allow you to further manipulate the output of a particular report.

Save the asset and the page will display your report.