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Creating Newsletter Group

First step to creating a new group

Before you can add newsletters to your site, you need to create a newsletter group and set its properties. To do this, click "Newsletters" in the left navigation of Site Builder. You'll see a list of any newsletter groups that already exist on your site. Click "Create New Group" to enter your newsletter group name and get started!

Newsletter group properties

  • Newsletter Group Name - The name of the newsletter group can be changed at any time. This name will appear on some of the newsletter pages, so please choose something that is concise and descriptive!
  • Description - Appears on the page where you deploy the newsletter asset. Leave it blank if you want nothing to show.
  • Sender's Email - The default email that will be used for notifications to subscribers. This email can be edited prior to the delivery of the notification.
  • Group List Order - There are two options, chronological (or sort arrows) and alphabetical. The latter is useful for those using the newsletter system to display groups of documents.
  • Allow Subscriptions - Site Builder has a built-in subscriber management tool. To activate it, select either "Subscriptions with Demographics" or "Subscriptions without Demographics." See below for more information.
  • Connect With Page - When Site Builder delivers a notification, it includes the URL that your subscriber will click to view and download the issue. Connecting with page will make sure that the URL sent is tied to the page where you deployed your newsletter asset.
  • First Column Header/Second Column Header - You can adjust the text that appears above your newsletter list. The defaults are "Issue" and "Articles," but you can use whatever makes sense for your newsletter.

Adding Subscriptions with Demographics

Subscription box
Site Builder allows users to subscribe to your newsletters automatically and then maintains this subscriber list for you. By enabling "Subscriptions without Demographics," your users will simply input their email addresses into the field and click the button. No more is required or requested.

You can also select "Subscriptions with Demographics" from the Allow Subscriptions dropdown list. If you do, you will have the opportunity to request more information from the subscriber.

Subscription with Demographics

The information you collect is entirely up to you; however, we do advise that if you request any personal information you add the appropriate disclaimer to your request and seek out legal counsel if necessary. The method for collecting this information is to create and connect to a survey using our Survey and Registration system. Using this system, you can add any type of question you like, be it the user's name or what type of information most interests him or her.

Once your survey is complete, connect to it using the dropdown tool seen above, or enter the number of the survey you wish to use.

Please note, the survey results and subscriber email are *NOT* connected by design. Also, the survey questions are not required for the user to successfully required. Users will actually be subscribed immediately after entering an email address.