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Adding Issues

Two ways to add a new issue

Once you've created your group, you are ready to start adding issues! There are two ways to add issues, either click "Add Issue" from the main list of newsletters or click "Add Issue" on the blue sub-navigation bar when inside the group edit page (see above). When you add an issue, it is immediately added to your site if you have deployed the newsletter on a page!

Adding an issue details

  • Issue Name - Give your issue a name. Creating a consistent pattern for issue names makes it easier for your users to view your archive, such as the month and year of the issue.
  • Description - Use the description text box to add information about your issue or provide a table of contents. This information will be useful to people going through your newsletter archive.
  • Upload - Find the issue on your computer and upload it to the Site Builder server.

Notifying Subscribers (if necessary)

Newly added issue

Once you've added your issue, you will be returned to the main list of issues, and a message will appear letting you know that notifications have not been sent. You can now either send out the notification or mark it as sent (if you are merely building an archive of old issues or do not intend to send out a notification).

Clicking "Send" will take you to the notification email page.

Sending out notification

Here you can edit the information contained in the email. Site Builder will automatically add a link to the newsletter as well as a method for the user to unsubscribe.

Once you complete the email form, click the "Send Email" button to notify your subscribers!