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The survey tool is an information gathering device. It can be used for collecting meeting registrations (including credit card payments), conducting program evaluations, etc. For information specific to creating a survey, see the survey help pages.

The Site Builder 3.0 asset for surveys allows a survey to be posted on a Web page; the user doesn’t have to click through to a separate survey page.


Survey Sample

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Survey Asset

To add a survey to a page, the survey needs to be created first. Creating a survey can be done through the survey system. Which can be reached from the ANR Portal or from Site Builder 3.0 Administration area's left menu.

Access Survey System from Site Builder 3.0

Access Survey System from Site Builder 3.0


Creating a Survey Asset

Once you have a survey to add, create a new Asset, name the asset, and select "Survey" as the Asset Type. Once created you will see the following options for the Survey Asset.
Survey Asset Options

Survey Asset Options


At this point you only need to select which survey you would like to display. all they surveys you own will appear in the drop down menu. Simply select one and save the asset.

If you would like to display a survey that you do not own then you will need the number of that survey. Once you have the survey number you can put the survey number into the text box. Save the asset, and that is it!

If you wish to change the survey that is displayed then select a different survey from the drop down or enter a different survey number.