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UC Delivers

Deploying the UC Delivers Asset

UC Delivers stories are now integrated into Site Builder, so you can create a UC Delivers asset and display any story you like on any page you like! To get started, go to a page and click "Add New Asset." Give it a name and select UC Delivers from the dropdown list.

Options available in the UC Delivers asset

Once the asset initializes, you'll have some options to customize the display and a link to add stories. Before we look at adding stories, let's check out the bottom two options. First, the "Title Display" option allows you to choose between using your unique asset title for the story or the UC Deliver's story. Therefore, you can either create one single title that "groups" the stories, or you can allow each story title to stand on its own.

The second option allows you to choose between displaying the stories randomly on page load or by most recent addition to UC Delivers. For information on how our random function behaves, please check out this blog post.

Adding a story to the asset

Click on the "Edit Story List" to open a popup and select the stories you would like to appear in your asset. Only one story will appear at a time on the page, but your users will have access to all of the stories you selected.

Sample of the asset in action

You can see the title, description and image in this screen shot of our asset in action. The asset also contains a link to read the entire story, and a link to view a list of every story that you've selected using the "Edit Story List" popup.

Sample of the full story

When the user clicks on the "Read about" link, they will go to another page that features the entire story.

Any site using Site Builder is welcome to use this stories!