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eXtension Content

Creating the eXtension asset

eXtension hosts thousands of articles and faqs. Deploy the eXtension asset and their content can be displayed on your site! Go to the page you want to have this content and add a new asset.

Inside the eXtension asset

Once you've created the eXtension asset, you can select options that will fine tune what content gets displayed.

Show Asset Title: You can decide if want the asset to have its title displayed above the content.

Type of Content: The three options are articles, faqs and events. Select as many as you would like to display.

Number of Items to Display: How may content rows should Site Builder show?

Select Content: Choose as many items as you would like to query from eXtension. These categories are taken directly from their list.

Display Tags: You can further tune your results by selecting "contains either" or "contains all." Either will display any results it finds from any of the categories. All will require that all categories be included in each result, which will limit the number of items returned.

Displaying the results from eXtension

Once you've saved your asset, you can view the current site to see what results are returned. These results will change based on the content available from eXtension.