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Creating a Spotlight Group

Creating a spotlight story group

Spotlight Stories are meant to exist as a group. Many stories added to a single group based on subject matter, author, or some other qualification that you decide. You can either begin with a collection of stories for the system, or create a new group and then contribute to it over time.

As mentioned in the introduction, Spotlight Stories are designed to be more than blogs but less than a collection of web pages. They're like nuggets of content, nuggets of information, NUGGETS OF SCIENCE!

Begin by clicking "Spotlight Stories" on the left navigation of Site Builder, then click "Create New Group" on the blue subnavigation bar. Enter your group name and click the button.

Group properties

The next page will show you your group name and allow you to add a description for the group and set some basic properties. The description will show up when your user views the entire archive of stories.

Let's take a look at the other properties.

  • Story Display - This option will set how your stories display. Only one Spotlight Story at a time is displayed in the asset, so you can choose whether or not you want to show the most recent or a random story. (See blog post about how random works.)
  • Show Link to Full Story - Maybe you just want a photo and short snippet to display on the page without any archive or additional information. If that's the case, turn off this link!
  • Show Link to All Stories - If you're concerned that folks won't see the archived stories, enable this option and a link will appear to the archive directly below the asset!

Once you get your group all set, it's time to add stories!