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Adding Spotlight Stories

Adding a story

Once your Spotlight group is set up, you can add stories to it! Click "Add Story" from the blue subnavigation bar or main group list to do this.

Entering a story name

Enter a unique story name to initialize the story. Entering unique story names will help differentiate the stories on the list of archive.

Story description and full article

The first portion of the "Add Story" form allows you to edit the story name, move the story to another Spotlight group, and add your description and full story. The description is the portion of your story that will appear in the asset and in the archive list. It should be short and enticing. The full story is where the meat goes.

Not pictured in the screen shot is the mini file library at the bottom of the form. This allows you to upload files to your site and add them to your story! Simply click the "Browse" button, find the file on your computer, and Site Builder will upload it. You can upload any file you like. If you place the file code that is created into the story, Site Builder will automatically convert the code to the appropriate link or embedded content.

Lower section of the spotlight story form

The lower section of the form includes the aforementioned file library, a publish/draft toggle, and two options for links. The "Outside Link" option allows you to redirect a spotlight story to some other location. For example, perhaps you'd like to highlight a story that appears on another site. You can create the description and story, and then add the link to the original article!

The "Link Title" option allows you to customize the standard "Read More" link that appears at the end of the description. Perhaps you need it to be in Spanish, perhaps you want it to say "Read a lot more." The choice is yours.

The mini file library contains one minor addition its other instances in Site Builder. There is a radio button next to each file, and the one you select will be displayed in the asset! No need to resize it for the asset, Site Builder will adjust the image depending on the column width available.

While you do not need to insert a photo into a spotlight story, it will really help entice readers to view the entire story.

Now that we have a story in our group, we can move on to deploying the Spotlight Story asset.