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State Map

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The State Map asset, as seen in use here, allows you to deploy the state of California with selectable counties. Each county can be given unique name and link properties, giving you the ability to create a map to programmatic information at the county level.

The maps, like several Site Builder assets, must be created prior to being deployed to a page. To create a map, click "Maps" on the left navigation of Site Builder.

Map list and create new map button

Here you will see a list of all of the maps associated with the site, and a button in the blue subnavigation menu to "Create New Map." Click it to get started.

New Map Creation Page

On the initial map creation page, you can set a name for the map, choose a background for the display and elect for your links to open in the same window or a new window. For anything that opens into something related directly to your site, you should choose the same window. If your link will open an external site, the new window option is preferable, so that the user retains your site.

County field options

Once you save these options, the page will reload with each county listed. You can now set the unique name and link for each one, if you like. The default name will be the county name alone and the default link will be to the county's Cooperative Extension site.

After you get your map set up, you are ready to deploy it on a page! Be sure to select a page that is appropriate for the map. It requires more space than the average Site Builder asset!

Deploying the Map Asset

Go to the page that will contain the map and create a new asset. Select "State Map" from the dropdown and save.

Map asset options

There's only one option for this asset! Select the map you want to use and save!

Sample of the map