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Designer: Site Style

If you are clicking on "Launch Designer" from Site Info & Appearance, the first screen you will see in the pop-up design panel is to set the style of your site. Site style can only be set at the Site Info & Appearance level. If you are adjusting your page design, you can move on to Banner or Photo, depending on the style of your site.

Choosing a site style

Currently, there are two different styles from which you can choose. The first features a wider, more prominent photo. The second uses a colorful banner to stylize or take the place of the photo. Here's a breakdown on the intended uses for each.

Wide Photo (First Style): This style provides a greater impact, as the photo is more likely to draw the attention of visitors. Even before you add content to your page, the photograph begins to tell a story.

Banner (Second Style): This style lessens the impact of the photograph. It is better for sites that are administrative or do not wish to bring so much attention to the header.

Move on to Banner or Photo pages. If you are using the first style, you will not need to select a banner color.