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Paths and Names

Once you have created your page you can change the page name, path, or page link that are found near the top of your page properties page.

Page Name:

The page name appears on top of the web page you are creating. It can be anything you like, but keeping it relevant to the page would be best. You enter the page name in the field provided:


Once you save and view your site, your site name will appear on top of your content for that page like this:



The path is the url or page address that is assigned to your page. You can alter the path in two ways: Either by Editing your path name, or redirecting your page.


  • Edit Path: SB3 automatically adds your page name to end of your website address, and it is here where you can edit the path. It is good practice to shorten long names down to make your web page url short. Another good practice is to omit any special characters such as punctuation marks that could confuse your browser. If a page error occurs, this is a good place to start troubleshooting the problem.
  • Redirect Page: If you would like to link your navigation tab to another external site, you can do so here. Please be aware that sending your visitor to another site might cause them to move away from yours, so take time to think about why and where you will be sending them. Simply click on the link "Redirect page" and enter the link to the site you would like to go to. You can also enter a url of your site, but keep in mind this could become confusing in your order of pages.

Page Link:

Page link is how your site name appears in the left and top navigation buttons. If you have a long page name, but wish the navigation button to have a shorter name, you can change it here. Simply add the page name in the field provided: