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Success Stories

Teacher Rosa from Kidango:

“I really enjoy the program, especially when I hear my children tell me, ‘Teacher, look! My eyes are shiny because I'm eating Glow Food!’” - (Lessons teach students that fruits and vegetables are "glow" foods that make them shine from the “Go, Glow, Grow” curriculum)

Brian Schmaedick, Principal of Goss Elementary School to our Youth Educator Jeff Tibayan: 

“You have them eating out of the palm of your hand!  What a great story.  The times you have the kids act out eating the foods is a great way to engage their brains in the story in a different way.  You keep a healthy balance between spontaneously calling out and raising hands to answer.  The connection at the end is the real lesson.  Thanks for being here.”

Jeannie Cobb – ESL Teacher, Overfelt Adult Education - May, 2009

My beginning ESL class was fortunate enough to have you talk to them about Nutrition. Not only did the class learn a lot, but I did as well. At first, I made a change each week that you came and spoke on healthy foods and lifestyle.... I feel better, and my family is now becoming addicted to fruits and vegetables thanks to you.

February 23, 2009 - Santa Clara Unified School District

On behalf of our Migrant Community, I wanted to thank you for your services provided to our parents and students. Thanks to your program, our parents able to learn about eating healthy...

Emilia Magana, Gilroy - August, 2009

La clase fue muy bonita, educativa, nos ayudo mucho para comer mas sano y nutritivo y como leer los carbohidratos, el sodio, ls grasa y las proteinas. La importancia de hacer ejercicios diarios.

Aprendi a usar los cupones de la tienda para ahorrar dinero, comer mas verduras, vegetales y furtas.

Aprendi a hacer una lista de los alimentos que ocupo para comprar en la tienda y ser mas organizada.

Maria Lilia Palomares, Gilroy - August, 2009

Me di cuenta que tan importante son las cantidades y cuantas veces de ciertos alimentos como: grasas, azucar, sal que pueden ser peligrosos al comerlos en exceso.

Aprendi a comprar comidas saludables y ensenar a mis 2 hijos que es bueno para ellos.

June 1st, 2009 - Campbell Union School District.

Thank you for providing nutrition classes to our parents over the last month. I received positive feedback from our community liaison, as well as the parents in the program. The parents learned a lot about nutrition and discovered multiple ways to improve the health of their families...

Lucero Gonzales, Gilroy - August, 2009

Todas las clases tenian un contenido de informacion muy importante. Yo siempre trato de planear que voy a comprar antes de ir a la tienda.

Tratar de comer una variedad de frutas y verduras todos los dias. Hacer ejercicios.

Gracias por tomar el tiempo de educar a la comunidad!

Maria Esther Ramirez, Gilroy

Aprendi a ir a la tienda con una nota y comprar nada mas lo que se ocupa.

Aprendi a como descongelar las carnes para que no se contamine y tenga bacterias.

A leer las etiquetas de productos y comprar lo que esta en especiales.

Independent Adult Center - January, 2009

This semester we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the nutrition presentations. My students and I all benefited so much from the presentations.

Now when I go to the supermarket, I always look at the nutrition facts before I buy food. I want to make sure that I buy a variety of vegetables and fruits for my family. My husband also recognizes the importance of eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. Now we have a balanced and nutritious diet every day.

I walk my dog three or four times a week now. I would like to walk the dog every day. It will be good for both of us to walk 30 minutes a day....

I seldom eat any fast food now. The nutrition educator told us that is fattening for us even though it is convenient. I eat food low in fat, salt and sugar. I also drink more water now. I limit my intake of caffeine and drink less soda. I learned that we eat smart and be active, we will have a healthy life. I truly appreciate your presentations!

Isela Magana, Gilroy - August, 2009

Aprendi a cocinar con menos aceites y mas verduras y variedad de alimentos mas sanos y nutritivos.

Cambie la forma de hacer las compras y comaparar los precios antes de comprar y la forma de hacer mis comindas con menos grasas y sales.

Mr Kaspar, Independent  Adult Center, San Jose  - May, 2009

Thanks again for the 5 sessions on money management and nutrition. They were terrific and I expressed that on the evaluation sheets that were required to turn in.

Our class loved your presentations. Money management and nutrition literacy are key to everyone’s life. As long as I teach there, I will continue to request your presentations.

Areli Cacho, Gilroy - August, 2009

Aprendimos demasiado y todo fue util, ya que hicimos muchos cambios positivos en nuestra alimentacion.

Ahora reviso las etiquetas de los alimentos antes de comprarlos ya no dejo que se descongele la carne a temperature ambiente.

Maria Dolores Gonzales, Gilroy - August, 2009

Aprendi que no debo dejar las carnes fuera de el refrigerador y todo me gusto y aprendi mucho.

Aprendi a ver en las etiquetas ahora compro lo que contien mas fibra y menos calories y grasa.