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Library, Reading and Home School Activities

Learning begins in wonder. 

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Here are some ways children can explore activities

and enrich learning while schools are not in session. 

Library and Reading:

  • Novel Effect Interactive storytelling app which plays music and sound effects as you you read along with the story –  for Iphones/Ipads and Androids – (ages pre-K to 5th) 
  • Access to the San Jose public library hosts multiple apps. All you need is a library card.
  • The Santa Clara County Library hosts online resources available for free with only your library card.
  • StorylineStories to read online (Pre-K to 3rd grade)
  • Time for Kids(interesting articles for young people, grades K-12) 
  • DreamscapeReading game (Reading grades 2-8)
  • [NEW] Audible for Kids – stories online for kids of all ages
  • Booklicious.net resource for books, literacy & grammar