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Citrus Series Podcast

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Exploring the stories behind scientists and their work.

Beyond the Bench is a new podcast series hosted by graduate students at UC Riverside. These podcasts feature scientists across many disciplines, but a subsection of episodes (Citrus Series) focuses exclusively on HLB and the scientists working to combat this citrus disease. The podcast explores both research approaches and personal stories about the careers of these scientists. 

Beyond The Bench is working on recording season 2, which will feature more citrus scientists. 

You can listen to the first season via Anchor, Apple, or Spotify, which includes interviews with the following researchers:

Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell

Former Director of Lindcove REC, Research Entomologist at UC Riverside, member of Science for Citrus Health team. Read more about Dr. Grafton-Cardwell's research by visiting her Research Snapshot.

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Emilyn Matsumura

Postdoctoral Researcher in Dr. Bryce Falk's lab, Department of Plant Pathology at UC Davis. 

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Neil McRoberts

Professor of Plant Pathology at UC Davis, panelist for the UC ANR Sustainable Food Systems Strategic Initiative, and Western Region Director for the National Plant Diagnostic Network. Read more about Dr. McRoberts' research by visiting his Research Snapshot.

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Monique Rivera

Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist at UC Riverside, also a member of Science for Citrus Health team.

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Jim Thomson

Research Geneticist at U.S. Department of Agriculture. Read more about Dr. Thomson's research by visiting his Research Snapshot.

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