UC ANR ServiceNow Implementation

UC ANR's implementation of ServiceNow for IT and HR has gone live the evening of June 21st 2024. This transition away from Zendesk to ServiceNow marks the beginning phase of our initiative for process improvement and enhanced customer service. 

To support this transition, we have prepared training resources, and will help with virtual office hours. We appreciate your cooperation during this transition and are confident that ServiceNow will significantly benefit our organization.

As we transition from Zendesk to ServiceNow, please be aware we are still moving open tickets. When the tickets get moved, you will receive an email notifications with information on the new  ServiceNow ticket to use going forward.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring that this change does not disrupt your service, and any issues found will be addressed. 

To Access:

For employees to access UC ANR ServiceNow, please go through the UCANR Portal or to https://ucanrdev.service-now.com/esc

Office Hours

Office Hours will be available June 24, 25, 26 1pm-130pm for support:

Known Issues: