Virtual Interview Contest

Interview Contest

May 8-22, 2021

About the Interview Contest

The Interview Contest is a popular event that gives 4-H members an opportunity to practice the real-life skills needed to apply for a job. Nowadays, most job interviews are held virtually. This activity will give you good practice in preparing for an participating in a virtual interview.

You must prepare a resumé and cover letter for one of the jobs in your age category. Evaluators will review your performance during a mock interview and give constructive feedback using a standard evaluation rubric.

The California 4-H Interview Contest Manual is a complete guidebook containing rules, procedures and helpful hints for a successful interview. It also contains sample interview questions, sample job descriptions, judging rubrics, and supporting materials for preparing for an interview.

Questions? Please contact


Registration closes on April 30, 2021 at 5:00pm.


Eligibility: All 4-H members (age 9 to 18); no qualification is needed.

  • Results will be shared during the Awards Ceremony on May 23, 2021.
  • Evaluation forms will be emailed by June 11, 2021 by the contest coordinator.
  • Certificates and pins will be mailed to UCCE 4-H county offices.

How to Participate in the Interview Contest

Step 1: Choose a job.

Choose one of the three jobs listed in your age category. Please download the full job descriptions: 2021 Job Descriptions

  •  Junior Category (9-10 years old) 
    • Pet Feeder
    • Leaf Remover
    • Flag Monitor

  • Intermediate Category (11-13 years old)
    • Pet Attendant
    • Plant Shop Assistant
    • Ice Cream Parlor Helper

  • Senior Category (14-19 years old)
    • Produce Stand Attendant
    • Chemistry Lab Assistant
    • Bookstore Assistant

Step 2: Develop a resumé.

Include real-life experiences (education, work, activities, etc.) that demonstrate your qualifications for the job selected.

Step 3: Write a cover letter.

Your cover letter should explain why you should be considered for the job selected.

Step 4: Register for the contest and upload your resume and cover letter.

Register by April 30th, 2021 by 5:00pm

Step 5: Sign up for your interview time.

Once registration has closed, you will be emailed a link to sign up for your interview time slot. Please check your email after Apriil 30!

Step 6: Prepare for your interview.

Review the tips, interview questions, judging rubrics, and supporting materials provided in the California 4-H Interview Contest Manual to prepare for your interview.

Step 7: Show-up for your interview.

Dress appropriately for the interview - Appropriate dress includes 4-H uniform or attire appropriate for a job interview as outlined in the Interview Contest Manual.

Supporting Documents:

Interview Technology

After registration for the contest is closed, you will receive an email to sign up for your time slot. After you sign up for the time slot of your choice, you will receive a confirmation for your time block with a virtual meeting platform link. We encourage you to log in 15-minutes before your scheduled time block to ensure your webcam, mic, and speakers are working. You must have your video and mic on during your presentation.

Required equipment:
  • Computer/Tablet with webcam, microphone, speakers, and wifi connection
  • Or smart phone with camera

The Zoom app should be installed on the computer/tablet or smart phone. Download the software at Video tutorials are available at

HINT: You may want to sign-up for a free Zoom account to practice at home!

Check Your Tech Prepare to Participate
  1. Connect and test your Zoom audio.
  2. If you’re calling in, enter your participant ID number to link your computer and phone. Find it next to your name in the “Participants” sidebar.  On your phone, press # [number] # to connect.
  3. Activate your camera.
  4. Use Zoom’s Gallery View to see the whole group.
  5. If you need tech help, type [Room Host Name] in the Zoom chat box for assistance.
  • Remain on-camera at all times (Except if you are experiencing Internet bandwidth issues).
  • Remain available-to-be-on-mic. Mute while others are speaking/presenting, but be ready to participate.
  • Turn devices to airplane mode and close other windows on your computer to avoid distractions.
  • Use the phrase “I’m complete…” or “I’m done…” when done speaking.
  • Use nonverbal tools in Zoom to raise your hand.

Helpful Zoom Tips

ZORMS (Zoom meeting norms and good practices)

  • Zoom allows for connection through computer/table where audio (mic & speakers) are connected to the computer. Zoom also allows for hybrid connections where the computer/table captures video but one can call-in over traditional phone network for audio. This is useful in situations where the Internet speed/bandwidth is slow; users can have higher quality sound by calling in on a phone but continue to see and share video through their computer/tablet.
  • Those who call in through their phone need to press *6 to mute or unmute.
  • Those connecting via computer/tablet need to know how to adjust their mic and sound. There are two sets of controls for mic and speaker settings: (1) those in the computer setting itself, and (2) another setting in the zoom meeting room. The zoom meeting room settings are found in the lower left corner of the screen. Make sure the correct microphone and speaker are selected for your device.
Competition Coordinator
Stephanie Barrett