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"State Fashion Revue: Reboot"

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The 2021 State Fashion Revue is being planned as a virtual event in case State Field Day can't be held in person. The 5 categories are continued from 2020. The requirement that a member must be enrolled in the sewing project is dropped for 2021 as some projects are having difficulty meeting. This means all 5 categories are open to all 4-H members. Junior, Intermediate,and Senior members who are County Winners in the 5 state categories are eligible to enter 2021 State Fashion Revue. 

State Fashion Revue date is tentatively May 2021. Counties should hold their qualifying event before the end of April 2021 so their qualified members can enter SFR. 

The SFR Committee is looking for youth members, teen leaders, adult volunteers, and 4-H staff to help put on our first virtual SFR. We are especially looking for people with Google and Zoom experience, though any help is appreciated.

If you have questions or can volunteer, contact Sue Moore, SFR Registrar, or 209-743-2020; or Gianna Lovell, SFR Co-chair,

2021 Service projects are Face Masks and Port Pillows


Port Pillows are small and easy to sew out of soft fabric. They are used and much appreciated by patients undergoing chemotherapy infused through a port in their upper chest. The pillow attaches to the seat belt to cushion the port and reduce pain. Print the flyer and start sewing! 

    Port Pillow Service Project 2021

Face Masks If you have a sewing machine, cotton fabric and beginner skills, you can make face masks for your family, friends, and local medical facilities. These washable masks are in great need and will be much appreciated. In some facilities, they are worn by volunteers. In others, health care professionals are wearing them over their N95 masks. 

Adding a piece of wire in he nose section helps the mask fit better. You can use the twisty ties from grocery store produce, thin wire, or pipe cleaners.

Use elastic that is 1/4" or narrower. You might need to cut the elastic longer or shorter depending on the face width. You can also use 18" lengths of ribbon or make narrow bias tape.

Add 1 or 2 layers of a tightly woven fabric between the 2 outer fabric layers for better filtration. Suitable fabrics are flannel, sew-in interfacing, or plain cotton. Pre-shrink all fabric and elastic.  

To make 12 masks with the JOANN’s pattern you’ll need: 

  • 1/2 yard each tightly woven 100% cotton fabric that can be washed & dried on hot. Use 2 different colors or prints, one color for each side of the mask
  • 1/2 yard lightweight fusible interfacing 
  • 5 yards 1/4” or 1/8” flat elastic

JOANN Video instructions:

Tips & tricks for the JOANN face masks:

Video of mask with a pocket for a filter & bias tape for ties. 

Video of mask with a pocket for a filter & elastic straps.

Video of mask without elastic made by a nurse. Read the comments for the printed pattern:

All 4-H'ers are encouraged to make the service project items, collect, and deliver them in their home counties. Please let the SFR committee know how many were made and donated.

The State 4-H Fashion Revue:

  • Provides educational activities for youth who are learning and growing in citizenship, leadership and life skills
  • Inspires appreciation of clothing, textiles, consumer science, and personal development
  • Introduces opportunities to extend youth leadership and communication
  • Promotes self esteem through individual expression

Youth participants at the 2014 4-H Fashion Revue
Youth participants at the 2014 4-H Fashion Revue

2021 SFR Activities

The State Fashion Revue event is comprised of morning activities in Olson Hall on the UC Davis campus and an afternoon fashion show. Activities include the SFR competition, Skillathon, Silent Auction, service projects, and hands-on projects. Award presentations follow the fashion show. See the Participant Information page for the full schedule.

2021 SFR Competition

Participants qualify for SFR at the county level. For 2021 SFR, members will qualify at their 2021 County Fashion Revue.  There is no fee to enter SFR. Each county may qualify one member per category and age division. 

2021 Categories

2021 Age Divisions, as of 12/31/20

  • Junior, age 9-10
  • Intermediate, age 11-13
  • Senior, age 14-18


State Fashion Revue activities
©2019 Regents of the University of California.
State Fashion Revue activities ©2019 Regents of the University of California.