Youth Registration

In order to compete, please complete registration for your selected contests. Please see the Competition pages for rules and eligibility requirements. If you plan to participate in person, please be aware of the Safety Measures.

Registration for all contests is now closed.


Two 4-H youth members smile at the camera in the outdoor exhibition area during the State 4-H Field Day.
Two 4-H youth members smile at the camera in the outdoor exhibition area during the State 4-H Field Day.

Attendee (Spectator) Registration

If you are planning to attend the 4-H State Field Day in-person on May 28, 2022 at UC Davis with a 4-H participant as an attendee/spectator, please fill out this registration form and review the Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement and Photograph and Release form. Please bring the signed form the day of the event. We will be collecting them at check-in. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you register for more than one contest?
    A: Yes! You are welcome to register for all the contests that you are eligible to participate in. One of the benefits of having virtual events is that some competitions are spread out over different days and times. Please check the schedule to see what you will be able to participate in.

  2. Do I have to qualify for all the contests?
    A: No. The contests that have a pre-qualification are:
    • State Presentation Events - you must have achieved Blue or Gold level at Regional Presentation Events in order to qualify, except for the Infographic and Video Essay categories and Equine public speaking contest.
    • State Fashion Revue - no qualification necessary for 2022

  3. Do I have to be enrolled in the related 4-H project to participate in Fashion Revue, Photography, Film Festival, or Robotics?
    A: No! All of the contests are open to all 4-H members to participate.

  4. Can I watch the competitions as an audience, and not compete?
    A: Yes!
    1. For virtual contests you must sign up to get the Zoom link. The following competitions allow for you to sign up as an audience member: Robotics, Coding Challenge, and STEM Shark Tank. For other virtual contests, please contact the contest coordinator to get the link.
    2. For in-person contests, you can attend as an audience member. You will have to comply with the Safety Measures for this event.