2021 Virtual State Field Day Results
2020 Virtual State 4-H Field Day Results by Contest


Evaluations forms have been emailed to youth participants by contest coordinators. Certificates, seals, and pins will be mailed to UCCE county offices to distribute by June 30th.

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  1. SFD2020 - State 4-H Presentation Day Results (public)
  2. SFD2020 - Interview Contest Results (public)
  3. SFD2020 - Plant Science Contest Results (public)
  4. SFD2020 - Robotics Contest Results (public)
  5. SFD2020 - Photography Contest Results (public) - link to the photographs themselves will be posted here next week. 
  6. SFD2020 - Film Festival Results (public)
The Cannon Gold
The Amazing Hard Boiled Egg Opener Demonstration Gold
Morning School Announcements for May 6 Gold
Albert's Adventure Gold
Sonwalker vs Darth Dad Gold
The Battle of the Bulge Gold
4-H Excusions Gold
Apple Goodness Gold
How to Use an Egg Slicer Gold
How To Cook Deviled Eggs Gold
All about 4-H Gold
Behind the Scenes at an Artisan Bakery Gold
The History Of My Trains Gold
The Princess and the Pea Gold


2020 Evaluation Results

Satisfaction 2020 SFD
The State 4-H Field Day, begun in 2002, is the largest and most comprehensive educational event offered by UC 4-H. The event provides culminating experience for 4-H members (aged 9 to 19) in their year-long 4-H educational experiences. In May 18-31, 2020, the event was implemented virtually with six contests focusing on public speaking, interview skills, photography skills, robotics and coding, film production, and plant science. Nearly 500 youth participated in one or more contests.


  • Youth reported that primary benefits were improving competence (communication skills) and confidence (self-worth).
  • Youth who have successful public speaking experiences are more confident in their public speaking abilities.
  • Youth report very strong feelings of belonging and acceptance in 4-H.

2020 Virtual State 4-H Field Day Evaluation Report

2019 Results

A 4-H member waits for her results at the State 4-H Field Day.
A 4-H member waits for her results at the State 4-H Field Day.
Here are the final results for the contests held at the 2019 California 4-H State Field Day.

2019 State Presentation Day Results

2019 State Fashion Revue Results

129 entries from 37 counties

Entry Categories" Traditional, Consumer Science Purchased $40 limit, The Box Challenge, Make It Mine Challenge, Retro/Historical Challenge

2019 SFR Skillathon Results

Service projects:

2019 Film Festival Results You can also see all of the videos on the California 4-H YouTube channel: 2019 State Film Festival playlist.

2019 Plant Science Results

2019 Robotics Results

2019 Photography Contest Results

2019 Best of Show:
2019 Best of Show: "Fire Fall" by Jaden Brown, Stanislaus County
2019 Best of Division, Senior:
2019 Best of Division, Senior: "Wishful Thinking" by Shay Poree, San Joaquin County
2019 Best of Division, Intermediate:
2019 Best of Division, Intermediate: "Jumpy Kit Kat" by Jolene Junge, Tehama County
2019 Best of Division, Junior:
2019 Best of Division, Junior: "Cute Donkey" by Gavin Lewis, Merced County