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How Do I Open A Charter?

CA 4-H Mission Statement:

“The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program engages youth in reaching their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development.”

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are 4-H charter requirements? 

A 4-H unit shall apply and receive a 4-H Charter from the county UCCE office before it begins operating as 4-H unit. See Request for 4-H Charter . A group requesting a 4-H charter must submit the following to the UCCE county office:

    1. Enrollment forms for at least five (5) or more members from three (3) families.

    2. Volunteer applications or volunteer appointment cards for at least two (2) or more adult volunteers.

    3. Constitution and bylaws.

    4. An official unit or group name. See Naming 4-H Clubs, Units, Programs, Events, and Websites


  • Who approves 4-H Charters? 
    All charters are approved by our local County Director and CA 4-H State office after appropriate paperwork is submitted to the 4-H Community Education Specialist. 


  • Can I open a charter in a school or for an after school program? 
    Yes. Charters can be open for in school and after school sessions. The charter requirements and steps are the same as for our community club programs.
Submit a Charter Request

Coming soon! Contact amltorres@ucanr.edu for inquires.