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Returning Volunteers

Re-apply annually by December 31st

All 4-H volunteers must be appointed annually. If you are a current 4-H Adult Volunteer, to continue in the next year you need to re-apply and be re-appointed by December 31stto continue with no break in service.


Re-application process

  1. Update your 4hOnline profile. Log in to 4-H Online 2.0 to update your profile to enroll for the new year. Please make sure the email address in the system is correct and one you check regularly. 

  2. Take the Returning Volunteers Training in the online eXtension system. You will receive the login information sent to your Family email after you update and submit your 4-H Online 2.0 profile application for the new year. Otherwise, you can register for the trainings directly through the eXtension website. There is also a guide, Using eXtension for 4-H Volunteers, to help you register for the eXtension website. 

  3. Get approved as a 4-H Volunteer. The  4-H Office reviews and approves 4-H volunteer appointments after all the application requirements and mandatory trainings are completed.

     4. In Person COVID Saftey Training

    All volunteers that want to hold in person meetings and activities are required to take the most current COVID-19 saftey training. You can find the training and process below. 

If you have a break in service

If you have a break in service of more than (1) one 4-H program year as a 4-H Adult Volunteer, you will need to follow the process for New Volunteers.

For clarification on this policy, please contact the 4-H Office at 805.781.5943.

COVID-19 In Person Activity Training Certification

All 4-H volunteers must complete the following COVID safety training if they wish to hold in person meetings and activities. 



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STEP 3: Acknowledgment Form


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