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"Has Beens" of San Mateo County 4-H Camp

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A "has been" is traditionally a past director who returned to camp after their director year as a visitor or chaperone. We also have "has beens" who have aged out of camp, but never had a director year at camp. Through their love of camp, they return each and every year to spread the joy and traditions of camp to younger generations, hence the name "has been". "Has beens" also provide support for the new director team each year. Additionally "has beens" act as chaperones for the campers and can stand in for managers if needed. "Has beens" are also in charge of secret pals, the manager dance of and other smaller roles at camp, which can both be enjoyed by the director and campers towards the end of camp.

2019: "Camp Safari"

Tim Krassiev
Charlie Miller
Arianna Montalvo
Katrina Rohlfes

2018: "Camp Out of this World"

Grace Falvey
Cody Putz

2017: "Camp Aloha"

Evan Impink
Molly Jenkins
Julia Neal

2016: "Camp Olympus"

Max Jenkins
Jenette Masarie
Zebulon Miller

2015: "Camp Wild, Wild West" 

Makayla Arvin
Caelin Batstone
Emmalee Holmes
Haley James

2014: "Camp Kingdom"

Kelly Dwyer
Allie Miller
Jacob Mulderick

2013: “Camp Polkaman”

Courtney Andreini
Eoin Bloomer
Ian Impink
Dalton James

2012: “Camp Indiana Jones Gulch”

Danielle Ciardella
Taylor James
Kayla Louis
Eric Marchi

2011: “Camp Nentendo”     

Allan Bruce
Joseph Krempetz 
Anita Oettel-Flaherty

2010: “Camp Before Time”

Robin Hogan
Alisha Spalding
Jeff Wilfong 

2009: “Camp Animation”

Alyssa Arvin
Melissa Crist
Katie Jensen
Nick Johns 

2008: “Camp Arrgh”

Adrian Austin
Anna Vargas

2007: “Camp Superheroes”

Marcus Kessler
Tyler Moskovitz
Ryan Valtierra 

2006: “Camp Luny”

Andrew Ferguson

2005: “Camp I Am”

Brian Buchan
Sara Clement
Elliot Mercer

2004: “Camp G.I. Joe”

Ryan Moskovitz

2003: “Camp Mystery”

Chris Sanford
Travis Valtierra 

2002: “Camp Neverland”

Lisa Mangan
Rosie Correy

2001: “Camp Jumanji”

Dana Forbes
Brianne Moskovitz

2000: “Camp Hollywood”

Jason Della Chiesa
Jeri Richardson

1999: “Camp Big Top”

Todd Fraser
Tiffany Humbert-Rico

1998: “Camp Jamaica”

Lisa Rockwell
Suzanne Stangeland

1997: "Camp Wonderland" 

Laura White


Andy Forbes
Rachel Hoffman


Keith James
Bryan Scholl