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Virtual Film Festival

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We will be following the COVID Safety Measures at this event.


Video is a medium that is both an art and a science. 4-H has been using video to promote various aspects of the program, share information about 4-H, and recruit new volunteers and members. We will be following California 4-H Film Festival process. We encourage our members to submit their video to the State competition.

Top ranking videos in each division will be shared on the San Mateo-San Francisco 4-H YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel to get notices of new videos.

Your video does not have to be about 4-H or a 4-H project.

Registration deadline extended to April 21, 2022 at 5:00 pm


Questions: Contact Jane Stahl, stahl535@gmail.com

General Information

  1. Submit the link to your video when you register. If you are posting your video on your YouTube account, please make sure to label it with your video title and short description.
  2. Evaluations will be completed virtually and contest coordinator will email to you by mid May.



Film that uses still images to create the illusion of movement


A factual story or report


A fictional story that is more serious than funny


A fictional story that is amusing, lighthearted, or comic


An informational or inspirational narrative or Public Service Announcement designed to promote 4-H or non-4-H related programs


A 30 second 4-H related advertisement (must be exactly 30 seconds)


  1. Videos must follow the categories described above.
  2. Video length may not exceed 7 minutes (including welcome title screen or end credits). Entries in the Commercial category must be 30 seconds exactly.
  3. Video format: Must be submitted via link to YouTube or another online video sharing website. Please name your video with the title and category you are entering (e.g., My 4-H Day, Junior Documentary). After the festival, we will accept .mp4 files that we will use to upload to the California State 4-H YouTube channel.
  4. Make sure your video is in good taste (similar to G and PG ratings). Videos may be disqualified if deemed to have questionable content.
  5. 4-H members ages 9-18 (as of Dec 31, 2021) are allowed to participate.
  6. Limit of 3 videos per person or group may be entered.
  7. All film entries must be created and produced by the youth filmmaker(s).
  8. Auto-generated movies (in which software makes editing choices for you) are not acceptable.
  9. Works may be original or adapted from the submitter’s previous work and new to this year’s festival.
  10. Any copyrighted music or material must include written permission from the owner to use.
  11. All footage must be original except for documentaries, which may include non-original footage from other sources. Film Festival organizers reserve the right to determine the eligibility of any work, reject any submission, and make executive decisions on individual situations not foreseen by these guidelines.
  12. Please leave out the full names of youth (both in audio and video; e.g., nametags youth may wear) and do not use copyrighted material (i.e. pop music).
  13. The County evaluators and County Staff will determine which videos are uploaded to the San Mateo-San Francisco 4-H YouTube channel

Film Festival Evaluation Form