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Life Skills Festival and Field Day

This event is an opportunity for 4-H members to submit items they have made for competition at the county level. 4-H members participate in sewing, food, and craft projects through-out the year, creating a wonderful array of hand made goods that are showcased during this event. Sewing projects are judged during the Fashion Revue on fit, modeling, and presentation. Gold medal winners are invited to complete in the State Fashion Revue. Competitors must be enrolled in a 4-H sewing project to participate. For the Favorite Foods Day competition, members must prepare a dish, place setting, and menu display. Each contestant should be knowledgeable about the preparation of their dish and the nutritional value of the entire menu. Competitors must be enrolled in a 4-H food project to participate. The Arts and Crafts Expo is a handcraft competition, open to all 4-H members, regardless of 4-H project enrollment.

Registration information will be available April 2020.