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Volunteer Position Descriptions

4-H Adult Mentor

Club Volunteer Positions


Club Leader: Provides administrative support for the 4-H clubs. See the full position description here: 

Project and Program Leaders: Have expertise in particular areas which they teach to participants, parents/guardians, or special interest groups. See the full position description here: 

Activity and Event Leaders: Provide leadership within a specific, short-term project or activity. These activity volunteers work with 4-H members to make preparations for the activity, obtain relevant literature and distribute it to adult and youth participants, and coordinate the activity or community event. See the full position description here:

Resource and Key Volunteers: Have expertise in club organization, planning and conducting activities, or specialized subjects relating to projects. See the full position description here: 


Afterschool Garden Program
Afterschool Volunteer Positions

STEM Mentors: 4-H Afterschool, Nutrition to Grow on: Energized! is looking for adults in STEM professions to mentor teens in our informal Garden Education Program. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to get outside in the garden and get to know a young person while assisting them in teaching elementary kids about where our food comes from. Who knows?! The relaxed setting may provide opportunities for STEM mentors to help a teen learn what it is like to be in a STEM profession and the types of opportunities STEM careers offer. 


Teen Leaders: 4-H Afterschool, Nutrition to Grown On: Energized! is a garden based educational program delivered by local teens from the community to elementary school students. We need Teen Leaders to deliver this six week program. Fun, learning, and a great reference are all possible through this wonderful service learning opportunity. Get credit for school or fulfill your community service requirement!