Sudden Oak Death 6th Science Symposium
University of California
Sudden Oak Death 6th Science Symposium

FREE Native Plant Session

We are concluding the Symposium with a special “Phytophthora Detections in Native Plant Nurseries and Restoration Sites” session on Thursday, June 23, 2016 from 2:15 to 5:00 p.m. Presentations will include an update of lab results from the CA Department of Food and Agriculture and talks on the actions that restoration and nursery managers have taken to respond to detections. Several years of work will be summarized with time for discussion in the late afternoon.

These afternoon talks are being sponsored by Working Group for Phytophthoras in Native Habitats and are FREE of charge for any attendees coming in just for the session. Registration is still required: simply enter your information as requested, select only the free Thursday afternoon session from the list of individual options, and ignore the payment page that appears after you've submitted your information. Direct any questions or problems to Janice Alexander.


Session Schedule

2:15 – 3:35  Phytophthora Detections in Native Plant Nurseries and Restoration Sites

Session Co-Organizer: Phytophthoras in Native Habitats Working Group
Moderator: Diana Benner

An Update on Phytophthora Species in California Native Plant Nurseries and Restoration Areas
Suzanne Latham, California Department of Food and Agriculture 

Restoration Outplantings of Nursery-Origin Californian Flora Are Heavily Infested With Phytophthora
Tyler Bourret, UC Davis     

Testing and Implementing Methods for Managing Phytophthora Root Diseases in California Native Habitats and Restoration Sites
Ted Sweicki, Phytosphere Research, Vacaville, CA 

Phytophthoras in Western Forests - Natives and Invaders
Everett Hansen, Oregon State University, (Emeritus)  

3:35 - 3:45  Break

3:45 – 5:00  Phytophthora Detections in Native Plant Nurseries and Restoration Sites, continued

Moderator: Susan Frankel

Steam, Solarization and Tons of Prevention:  The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Fight to Eradicate Phytophthoras From San Francisco Bay Area Restoration Sites
Greg Lyman, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

From 31 Flavors to 50 Shades of Grey:  BattlingPhytophthoras in Native Habitats Managed by the Santa Clara Valley Water District
Janell M Hillman, Santa Clara Valley Water District

The Golden Gate National Parks Phytophthora Response Plan
Alisa Shor, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy


5:00  Adjourn

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