The Seventh Sudden Oak Death Science Symposium
University of California
The Seventh Sudden Oak Death Science Symposium


Sudden Oak Death Seventh Science Symposium Proceedings

Healthy Plants in a World with Phytophthora

June 25 - 27, 2019, The Presidio, San Francisco, CA




Sudden Oak Death in Oregon

Slowing the Spread of Sudden Oak Death in Oregon Forests, 2001-2018

Sarah Navarro, Randy Wiese, Casara Nichols, Danny Norlander, Alan Kanaskie, Ellen Michaels Goheen, Everett Hansen, Wendy Sutton, Paul Reeser, Nik Grunwald, Jared LeBoldus, Helmuth Rogg and Elizabeth Savory

Comparative Epidemiology of EU1 and NA1 Lineages of Phytophthora ramorum in Southwestern Oregon Tanoak Forests

Jared M. LeBoldus  and Kelsey L. Søndreli


Phytophthora ramorum in California

Lessons from 15 Years of Monitoring Sudden Oak Death and Forest Dynamics in California Forests

Kerri M. Frangioso, Susan J. Frankel, Christopher A. Lee

Impacts of and Responses to Sudden Oak Death on Marin Watershed Lands

Andrea Williams and Janet Klein

Status of the Phytophthora ramorum Epidemic across Forests of the East Bay Regional Park District, San Francisco Bay Area, California

Brice A. McPherson, David L. Wood, Greg Biging, Maggi Kelly and Sylvia R. Mori


P. ramorum Management

Early Host Resistance Selection and Development should have been a Primary Management Response to the Sudden Oak Death Epidemic

Pierluigi (Enrico) Bonello and Richard Sniezko

Incidence and Distribution of Resistance in a Coast Live Oak/Sudden Oak Death Pathosystem

Anna O. Conrad, Katherine M. D’Amico, Pierluigi Bonello, Brice A. McPherson, David L. Wood, and Horacio D. Lopez-Nicora       

Long-term Performance of Sudden Oak Death Management Treatments in Northern California Locations

Tedmund J. Swiecki and Elizabeth A. Bernhardt

Selective Thinning of California Bay Laurel is a Cost-Effective way to Control Phytophthora ramorum in Mixed-Oak Woodlands

Doug Schmidt, Laura Sims, Guglielmo Lione, Melina Kozanitas, and Matteo Garbelotto


Diagnostics and Genetics

A High Throughput DNA Fingerprinting Tool for Biosurveillance of the Sudden Oak Death Pathogen Phytophthora ramorum

Resmi Radhamony, Arnaud Capron, Nicolas Feau, Richard Hamelin, and Angela Dale

Dual Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Insights into Innate and Phosphite-Induced Resistance of Tanoak to Phytophthora ramorum

Takao Kasuga, Matteo Garbelotto, Catherine A. Eyre, Peter J. P. Croucher, Shannon Schechter,  Katherine J. Hayden, and Jessica W. Wright


Lightning talks

Bark Scribing as a Treatment for Sudden Oak Death: A Case Study in Why Controls Matter

Steven Swain, Doug Schmidt, and Matteo Garbelotto

Phytophthora species can be Reliably Detected by Dogs both from Infested Substrates and Infected Plants 

Lauralea Oliver, Matt Quinn, Tina Popenuck, and Matteo Garbelotto

Using Citizen Science and Outreach Education to Reduce the risk of Phytophthora ramorum Spread in Oregon Forests

Norma Kline, Sarah Navarro, and Jared LeBoldus

The Development and Application of Dynamic, Geospatial P. ramorum Spread Models for Oregon

Devon Gaydos, Anna Petrasova, Chris M. Jones, Ross K. Meentemeyer, and Richard C. Cobb

Oregon Sudden Oak Death Management Follow-up: Epidemiology

Hazel Daniels and Jared LeBoldus

Fire and Sudden Oak Death’s Effect on Species Prevalence in Big Sur, California

Jacqueline Rose and Richard Cobb

Wildfire Limits the Occurrence, Frequency, and Impacts of Phytophthora ramorum in the Coastal Forests of Big Sur, CA

Allison B. Simler, Margaret R. Metz, Kerri Frangioso, David M. Rizzo, and Ross K. Meentemeyer


Focus on Phytophthoras in Restoration Areas

Evaluating Threats Posed by Exotic Phytophthora Species to Sensitive Plant Communities in the Santa Clara Natural Community Conservation Plan Area

Tedmund J. Swiecki, Elizabeth A. Bernhardt, and Janell Hillman

Exotic Phytophthora species are being Systematically Introduced in California Wildlands during Restoration Projects 

Laura Sims and Matteo Garbelotto

Ten new Provisional Species of Phytophthora and Nothophytophthora from California

Tyler B. Bourret, Kamyar Aram, Heather K. Mehl, David M. Rizzo, Suzanne Rooney-Latham,  Tedmund J. Swiecki, Elizabeth A. Bernhardt, and Susan J. Frankel

Assessing the Incidence and Diversity of Phytophthora Species in Planned Restoration Areas of the Angeles National Forest

Sebastian N. Fajardo, Tyler B. Bourret, Chris Endelenbos, Evan Lozano, David M. Rizzo, Susan J. Frankel and Katie VinZant

Metabarcoding for Phytophthora - Benefits and Limitations

Neelam Redekar, Joyce Eberhart, Ebba Peterson, and Jennifer Parke

Soilborne Phytophthora species at Restoration Sites in the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Ebba Peterson, Joyce Eberhart, Neelam Redekar, Jennifer Parke, and Amanda Mills



Determining the Minimum Treatment Area and Importance of Soil Moisture for Effective Soil Solarization in Nurseries

Logan Bennett, Ebba Peterson, and Jennifer Parke

Accreditation to Improve Restoration Program Shows Promise for Pathogen Prevention

Susan J. Frankel, Tedmund J. Swiecki, Elizabeth A. Bernhardt, Diana Benner, Cheryl Blomquist, and Suzanne Rooney-Latham

Approaches to Protect Against Phytophthoras at the Presidio

Christa Conforti


Focus on Wildland Tree Diseases

Common and Uncommon Diseases of Oak, Tanoak and Bay - New Diagnostic Tools Have Led to Important New Discoveries

Suzanne Rooney-Latham and Cheryl Blomquist

Phytophthora Species Associated with Decline and Mortality of Native Vegetation in California Wildlands

Chris Lee, Kim Corella, Suzanne Rooney Latham, Cheryl Blomquist, Tyler Bourret, Tedmund J. Swiecki, and Elizabeth A. Bernhardt



Observations of Castanea sativa as a Host of Phytophthora ramorum in England over a Decade

Mick Biddle, Barnaby Wylder, Anna Harris, and Joan Webber

Characterization of Hybrids between Phytophthora lacustris and P. riparia

Tyler B. Bourret, Christopher Edelenbos, Sebastian N. Fajardo, Evan Lozano, and David M. Rizzo

Intraspecific Diversity of Californian Clade 3 Phytophthora Isolates

Tyler B. Bourret, Kamyar Aram, Christopher Edelenbos, Sebastian N. Fajardo, Evan Lozano, Heather K. Mehl, and David M. Rizzo

Genomic and Metagenomic Exploration of Microbial Endophytes and a new Potential Phytophthora Species in the Monkey Puzzle Tree Araucaria araucana in Chile

Sebastián Márquez, Francisca Venegas, Gabriela Jiménez, Guus Teunisse, Freddy Boehmwald, Pablo Zamora, Álvaro Castro, Jaime Alarcón, and Eduardo Castro-Nallar

Management of Phytophthora ramorum at a Botanical Garden in Washington State, USA

Marianne Elliott and Gary Chastagner

A Technique for Treating Contaminated Soil with Steam for Eradication of Phytophthora

Marianne Elliott and Gary Chastagner

Exploring Interactions among Disease, Fuel Loads, and Fire Intensity in Sonoma County Oak Woodlands

Manuel Hernandez and Lisa Patrick Bentley

Rapid Recovery and Detection of Phytophthora ramorum Propagules in Nursery Water

Douglas Luster, Karen Suslow, Supriya Sharma, Wolfgang Schweigkofler, and Vernon Huffman

A Survey of Phytophthora, Pythium, and Phytopythium Species in Soil from Upland Prairie Restoration Sites in Western Oregon

Jennifer Parke, Erika Mittermaier, Neelam Redekar, Joyce Eberhart, and Teresa Matteson

Comparative Epidemiology of NA1 and EU1 Phytophthora ramorum Isolates from Curry County, OR

Ebba Peterson, Jennifer Parke, and Sarah Navarro

Distribution of Phytophthora quercina and other Oak-root Phytophthora Pathogens in the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Ebba Peterson, Joyce Eberhart, Neelam Redekar, Jennifer Parke, and Amanda Mills

Phytophthora Diversity in Lake Mathews, the Irrigation Water Source for a Southern California Nursery

Neelam Redekar, Joyce Eberhart, and Jennifer Parke

Is Sudden Oak Death Becoming a Threat to California’s Chaparral Ecosystem? First Indications for Phytophthora ramorum Moving into Drier and Warmer Habitats

Wolfgang Schweigkofler, Tomas Pastalka, Karen Suslow, Tina Popenuck, and Matteo Garbelotto

Susceptibility of Canadian Flora to EU2 Lineage of Phytophthora ramorum and Pathogen Sporulation Potential

Simon Francis Shamoun, Grace Sumampong, Robert Kowbel, Katherine Bernier, Marianne Elliott, Danny Rioux, Martine Blais, and Alexandra Schlenzig

Variation in Susceptibility to the EU1 and NA1 Lineages of Phytophthora ramorum among Southern Oregon Tanoak Families

Kelsey L. Søndreli, Jared M. LeBoldus, Alan Kanaskie, and Richard Sniezko

Role of Herbivorous Insects on California Bay Laurel in Sudden Oak Death Disease Dynamics

Kerry E. Wininger and Nathan Rank

Spread the Word, not the Disease! Sudden Oak Death Outreach and the UC Master Gardener Program of Sonoma County SOD Specialists

Kerry E. Wininger

A Healthy World and Plants with Phytophthora? Multiple Introductions of Tree Pathogens to a Newly Established Woodland

Barnaby Wylder, Mick Biddle, Ana Perez-Sierra, and Joan Webber


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