Spray Application Technology
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Spray Application Technology


The Spray Application Technology Workgroup web site is a work in progress for workgroup members. Our goal is the improved application efficiency of pesticides and nutrients in all settings in California. Progress towards this goal will reduce application costs and the pollution potential from off-target movement of the spray material.

Current Links

  • Documents & Publications provides categorized spray application publications, PowerPoint presentations, and photos.

  • Spray Links go to other related web sites, recommended by Franz Niederholzer, Orchard Systems Farm Advisor, Sutter & Yuba Counties

Secure Access Pages (Please see note at left)

Secure Access Pages

Access to these pages changed as on April 2011: to view these pages, your email address must be included in the Secure Access Group for these pages.

Please contact Franz Niederholzer to add your email address to the Group.

 Future Links

  • Workgroup Members Disscussion Forum for internal communication. We will need to add WG member to the Collaborative Tool names before this is functional.

Please contact  Franz Niederholzer, Spray Application Technology Workgroup Chair, for further information about this site.

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