ANR Statewide Conference 2013
ANR Statewide Conference 2013
ANR Statewide Conference 2013
University of California
ANR Statewide Conference 2013

Posters and Displays

The Posters/Displays Session was designed to highlight ANR research that exemplifies the Strategic Initiatives and the 2025 Vision.  This session allowed ANR to showcase how our research addresses critical questions that inform our constituents and the world.  The conference theme  California Roots, Global Reach captured that well.   

If there is no hyperlink for the presentation you are looking for, check back in a couple of weeks since submissions are still coming in.


Jose Luis Aguiar, Root-knot Nematode Damage to Bell Pepper

Janice Alexander, The California Firewood Task Force: A Collaborative Outreach Effort to Protect California's Trees

Susan Algert, Harvesting Community Gardens in San Jose California.

Roya Bahreini, Gasoline Emissions Dominate Over Diesel in Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol Mass

Khaled Bali, Deficit Irrigation Practices on Alfalfa for Water Conservation in Southern California

Vonny Barlow, Use of an Insect Growth Regulator Applied at the 2nd Week of Cotton Squaring for Management of Lygus Bugs: A Cotton Insecticide Efficacy Trial -- 2011-2012

Theresa Becchetti, Lost Opportunity Cost as a Form of Payments for Ecosystem Services

Carl Bell, Herbicide Application Schools:  Teaching proper sprayer use and calibration to wildland weed warriors

Mark Bell, How IT Systems Can Help Illiterate Farmers in Afghanistan?

Mary Bianchi, Balancing Food Safety and Sustainability - Opportunities for Co-management

Marianne Bird, Water Education Develops Science Skills

Richard Bostock, Thousand Cankers Disease and the Walnut Twig Beetle: A Rapidly Emerging Invasive Threat to Walnut in California

Sonja Brodt, Does Re-Regionalizing Our Food System Reduce Our Climate Footprint? A Case Study of Tomato Production, Processing, and Transport

Jane Chin Young, Exploring Online Delivery for Training Alternatives

Lorraine Clarke, Risks and Benefits of Gardening in Urban Soil; Heavy Metals and Nutrient Content in Los Angeles Community Gardens

Pat Crawford, Team Up for Good Health: CE Leads the Way to Reduce Childhood Obesity by Using Prevention Strategies

Surendra Dara, Managing Strawberry and Vegetable Pests in the Santa Maria Valley with the Entomopathogenic Fungus, Beauveria bassiana

Brenda Dawson, Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program: How Fruit and Vegetable Research Can Impact Poverty Around the World

Rachel Elkins, Non-Antibiotic Control of Fire Blight Disease in Pear Orchards

Nancy Erbstein, Putting Youth on the Map: Innovations in Visualizing Healthy Youth and Communities.

Cindy Fake, Training the Next Generation of Farmers & Ranchers in the Sierra Nevada Foothills

Jim Farrar, Supporting Integrated Pest Management in the Western U.S.

Gail Feenstra, Building Successful Farm to School Models to Enhance Markets for Specialty Crops

Lisa Fischer, UC ANR Research and Extension Center System | (video)

Gordon Frankie, Farming for Native Bees: Habitat Gardening on Brentwood, CA Farms

Joanna Friesner, INFAS: An Inter-institutional Network for Food, Agriculture, and Sustainability

Allan Fulton, Progress with Groundwater Management in the Rural Counties of the Northern Sacramento Valley

David Ginsburg, UC CalFresh:  Improving California’s Health Through Community-based Nutrition Education

Deborah Giraud, Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program: 20 Years of Addressing Inequality

Janis Gonzales, The Goldspotted Oak Borer Education and Outreach Program

Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell, Using GIS Mapping Systems for Tracking and Management of the Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglongbing in California

Jennifer Heguy, Ensiled Forages Are a Key Ingredient in California Dairy Rations and Subject of Environmental Regulation

Jim Hill, Building Capacity in Afghanistan to Provide Demand-driven Extension Services to Farmers

Anne Iaccopucci, 4-H Healthy Living Initiative

Roger Ingram, Consumer Outreach to Enhance Awareness and Marketing of Specialty Crops in the Sierra, CDFA Specialty Crop Grant

John Karlik, Academic Assembly Council Represents Cooperative Extension Academics

Faith Kearns, Academic Assembly Council Represents Cooperative Extension Academics

Maggi Kelly, New ANR Program:  Informatics and Geographic Information Systems

Cathi Lamp, MyPlate: Advancing ANR Leadership and Excellence in Nutrition Education

David Lewis, Carbon Sequestration Trajectory:  Soil Carbon Pools Following Stream Restoration

Jessica Linnell, The Development and Implementation of an Inquiry-Based Nutrition Education Curriculum for the Shaping Healthy Choices Program

Rachael Long, Low Hybrid Onion Seed Yields Relate to Honey Bee Visits and Insecticide Use

Rachael Long, Effects of Hedgerow Restoration on Natural Enemies, Pests, and Pest Control in Intensive Agricultural Landscapes

William J. Love, Two Novel Clinical Scoring Systems for Bovine Respiratory Disease in Pre-Weaned Dairy Calves

Sue Manglallan, Children, Youth and Families at Risk (CYFAR) Program 2009-2013

Anna Martin, Salad in a Wheelbarrow:  Establishing Healthy Eating Habits by Engaging Children in Garden – Enhanced Nutrition Education

Elias Marvinney, Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Long-Lived Perennial Cropping Systems: Almond and Pistachio Production in California

Adina Merenlender, California Naturalist Program:  Discovery, Action, Stewardship 

Jocelyn Millar, Proactive Chemical Ecology: Portable Instrumentation for Identifying Pheromones of Invasive Insect Pests

Keith C. Nathaniel, Contributions of 4-H Participation for the Development of Social Capital

Lori Nguyen, Evaluating the Relationship Between Fruit and Vegetable Intake Using Plasma and Dermal Biomarkers and Reported Dietary Intake in 4th Grade Children

Toby O'Geen, Exploring the Soil Resource with SoilWeb

Matthew O'Neill, Growth Patterns of the Invasive Grass Bromus rubens from Introduced and Native Populations

Matthew Portillo, Determining Intestinal Parasites to Enhance SET Learning in 4-H Animal Science Projects

Rachel Scherr, The Shaping Healthy Choices Program: A Multi-Component, School-Based Approach to Improve Children's Nutrition and Health Behaviors While Supporting Regional Agriculture

James Sickman, High Elevation Lakes of the Western US: Are we Studying Systems Recovering from Excess Atmospheric Deposition of Acids and Nutrients?

Rhonda Smith, Virus Effects on Vine Growth and Fruit Composition of Zinfandel Field Selections

Martin H. Smith,  The Impacts of Implementation Frequency on Youth Science Literacy in 4-H Club Settings

Martin H. Smith, 4-H Bio-Security Proficiencies Program

Theresa M. Spezzano, Get Fit Riverbank:  A Community in Action – How to Partner and Develop a Whole Community Health Plan

Theresa M. Spezzano, Dirt Fresh News:  UCCE Stanislaus & Merced – Providing Resources to Schools, Teachers, Parents and Children!

Nathaniel Springer, Sustainable Sourcing of Global Agricultural Raw Materials

Bill Stewart, The Sierra Nevada Watershed Ecosystem Enhancement Project: Measuring the potential of forest thinning to enhance ecosystem services

J. F. Strand, UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program:  Making Ecosystem-based IPM the Way Californians Manage Pests

Rachel Surls, Urban Agriculture: Assessing Needs and Developing a Cohesive Role for UC ANR

Andrew Sutherland, Urban Integrated Pest Management: A New Area of Focus for UC Cooperative Extension

Etaferahu Takele, UCANR Riverside County Cooperative Extension:  Program Highlights 2011-12

Lisa C. Thompson, The Native and Introduced Fishes of Clear Lake: A Review of the Past to Assist with Decisions of the Future

Bill Tietje,  Climate Change Effects on a Keystone Fauna

Bill Tietje,  Ranching Sustainability Analysis System (RSA):  A Voluntary Program Developed by California Ranchers for use by the California Ranching Community

Robert M. Timm, Coyote Attacks on Humans: Causes, Recent Trends, and Management Solutions

Lucia G. Varela, A Collaborative Effort: UC ANR, International Scientists, Regulators and Grape Growers Respond to the Invasive European Grapevine Moth in California

Aubrey White, The California Nitrogen Assessment: To What Extent Does N Contribute to Climate Change vs. Groundwater Pollution?

Patti Wooten Swanson, Money Talks:  What Do Teens Want to Know About Money – A Comparison of 1998 & 2008

Steven Worker, University of California 4-H Youth Development Program:  2008-2012 California 4-H Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) Initiative

Laosheng Wu, Safe Application of Reclaimed Wastewater in Agriculture and Landscape

Glenn Young, Revitalizing Agriculture Curricula in Vietnam


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