ANR Statewide Conference 2013
ANR Statewide Conference 2013
ANR Statewide Conference 2013
University of California
ANR Statewide Conference 2013

Travel Reimbursement Information

REIMBURSEMENT FORMS ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, MAY 24 in order to facilitate completion before fiscal close. 

There are no fees for ANR academics or staff (including county-paid staff) to participate, and travel expenses will be covered for ANR employees.

Account: L-SWMTG13

  • UC Davis employees, use the UC Davis MyTravel system as you usually do. This reimbursement will automatically route to the correct office for approval. You need not send additional copies.
  • If you are an employee of another campus or non-ANR (i.e., a speaker), you must also be reimbursed through the UC Davis system, but you will need to fill out a UC Davis Travel Form.

Business Purpose:

When completing the travel reimbursement form or MyTravel, please explicitly state the "Business Purpose" or reason for participating in the conference. Travel Dept. will return it to you if the Business Purpose is stated as "attended" or "participated" in the ANR Statewide Conference. Examples of acceptable business purposes are outlined below:

  • Attended conference to participate in division planning. 
  • Attended conference to learn about new policy and business practices.
  • Attended conference to present about ______.
  • Attended conference to present a poster on _______.

You may also include a copy of the agenda (two-page abbreviated agenda is attached). If you include the agenda, you may state "see agenda" in the Business Purpose field.



  • The maximum reimbursement for lodging is $62 per night. If you chose not to share a room, you'll need to either provide an additional UC account (different from the Statewide Conference account) when you process your travel.
  • If you are paying the entire hotel bill for you and your roommate, please indicate the name of your roommate.


If you need assistance, please contact the ANR Program Support Unit.


Staff Policy Regarding Travel Time

If Overnight Travel: Travel that keeps an employee away from home overnight and that occurs outside the employee's normal working hours is not considered as hours of work, unless it is during an employee’s regular day off, such as a Saturday.  This means the employee does not get paid for traveling when it is for overnight travel, they would simply get paid their usual salary.

If No Overnight Travel: Assigned travel during an employee's regular working hours on work days is counted as time worked which means a non-exempt employee traveling on a normal work day will get paid for the travel.

If the staff employee’s supervisor has questions about the travel policy or needs to discuss alternate work schedule(s) for the employee attending the conference, please contact the Staff Personnel Unit

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