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You received a copy of the printed program when you arrived at the conference. If you'd like to download/print it, it's available here.

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Concurrent Sessions Presentations

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Monday, April 9

11:30 AM-1:30 PM


11 AM-5:30 PM
(times vary)

Meetings of Program Teams, Workgroups and others


Academic Assembly Council - Voting to take place!


Staff Engagement Survey Results
Participate to learn the latest about the results about the recently completed survey. Learn more by reviewing ANR report articles or by viewing the webinar at under the CUCSA tab.

3-3:30 PM


Resources Room Lightning Presentation (3:05-3:25) - Cajon Peak
Best Practices for Travel and Entertainment

Cherie McDougald, Director, Business Operations Center, Kearney
Emily LaRue, Assistant Director, Business Operations Center, Kearney
Sally Harmsworth, Associate Director, Business Operations Center, Davis


Staff Engagement Survey Results (continued)


Secretary Karen Ross, California Dept. of Food and Agriculture

6:30 PM

Poster Session highlighting Innovation and strolling dinner

Tuesday, April 10
Innovation in Action

6:30 AM

Breakfast - Empire Ballroom



Welcome - Doubletree Ballroom
Vice President Glenda Humiston
Associate Vice President Wendy Powers




Race, Space, Place and Waste: How Innovation, Education, and Inspiration Can Fearlessly Catalyze California Towards Becoming the World's Leader in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management
Antwi Akom, Ph.D., Professor and Founding Director, UCSF and SFSU Social Innovation and Urban Opportunity Lab (SOUL) and Co-Founder and CEO, Streetwyze (full biography)




Conversation with Leaders: Charting a Sustainable Future for ANR
Moderated by Glenda Humiston, Vice President
Wendy Powers, Associate Vice President
Tu Tran, Associate Vice President of Business Operations 




Resources Room Lightning Presentation (10:05-10:25) - Cajon Peak
Finding Funding Opportunities
Kathy Nolan, Director, Contracts and Grants




Expanding our Reach and Collaborations in the Age of Disruption
Moderated by Glenda Humiston, Vice President 
Wendell Brase, Associate Chancellor, Office of Sustainability, UC Irvine
Jim Mayer, President and CEO, California Forward
Sam Traina, Vice Chancellor of Research and Economic Development, UC Merced
Kathryn Uhrich, Dean, College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, UC Riverside



Lunch with Keynote Presentation - Empire Ballroom
Moderated by Glenda Humiston, Vice President
Janet Napolitano, President, University of California


Concurrent Session 1

1:30 - 3 PM

1A. Science Session

1-2B. Science Session

1C. Science Session

1D. Communications

1E. Managing Work Life

1F. Relationship Building

1G. Relationship Building
Hunter's Peak

Climate Change Research and Extension Programs for Healthy Food Systems, Environments, and Communities in California

Innovative Data Collection and Analysis

(3 hour session - continues from 3:30-5 PM)

UC ANR's Role in Addressing Food Insecurity in California


Learn the Rules and Get the Tools - How and Why You Should Work with Your Government


Managing Change


Volunteer Engagement Through the Years

Win-Win Negotiation 


3-3:30 PM




Resources Room Lightning Presentation (3:05-3:25) - Cajon Peak
Child Abuse Neglect Reporting
Robin Sanchez, Principal Analyst, Controller/Business Services

Concurrent Session 2

3:30 - 5 PM

2A. Science Session

1-2B. Science Session

2C. Science Session

2D. Communications

2E. Relationship Building

2F-I/II. Wellness

Fire Management and Policy

Innovative Data Collection and Analysis

(continued from 1:30-3 PM)

What Does a Robust Water System Look Like in California?

Telling ANR's Story More Effectively


Win-Win Negotiation Training

3:30-4:30 Infusing Your Life with Habits to Boost Productivity

4:30-5:30 Smart Body Management 


6-9 PM

Poster Session with Strolling Dinner


Wednesday, April 11

6:30 AM

Breakfast - Empire Ballroom

7:15-7:45 AM

Resources Room Lightning Presentation - Cajon Peak
Project Board - Kit Alviz, Program Policy Analyst 4, Program Planning and Evaluation

8:00 AM

Updates from the Strategic Initiative Leaders

Concurrent Session 3


10:00-10:30 AM Break

Resources Room Lightning Presentation (10:05-10:25) - Cajon Peak
Public Records - Robin Sanchez, Principal Analyst, Controller/Business Services

Concurrent Session 4


12 noon



Resources Room Lightning Presentation (12:15-12:45) - Cajon Peak
Sharpening Your Skills to Give Memorable PresentationsCarl Winter, CE Food Toxicologist, Food Sciences and Technology, UC Davis


Resources Room Lightning Presentation (12:45-1:15) - Cajon Peak
Putting Your Best Face Forward: Graphic Design for Non-Designers
Cynthia Kintigh, Marketing Director, Communication Services and Information Technology

Concurrent Session 5


Additional option for this time frame: Become an Ergonomic Advocate
Join us to learn more about becoming an Ergonomics Advocate for your office or workgroup. The mission of the ANR Ergonomics Advocate program is to extend the reach of existing EHS injury prevention efforts by empowering and educating key advocates and facilitators within the workforce. During this introductory session UC ANR EHS staff will provide a broad Ergonomics Program overview and lead a brief hands-on training demo for employees who want to get more involved in facilitating ergonomic education and injury prevention practices at their work locations.


3:00-3:30 PM



Resources Room Lightning Presentation (3:05-3:25) - Cajon Peak
Intellectual Property
Kathy Nolan, Director, Contracts and Grants

Concurrent Session 6


6:00 PM

Staff Assembly Networking Reception 

One of the biggest challenges ANR personnel face in networking across the organization, is distance. The ANR Staff Assembly is taking the opportunity of the Statewide Conference, and the attendance from staff all over the state, to host a networking reception on Wednesday, April 11th at 6 PM. This will be a fantastic opportunity to connect with you colleagues from across the state about shared challenges and concerns, and opportunities and solutions. The Staff Assembly is planning a fun evening of activities, food and beverages. It will be an excellent event, and we encourage all staff to attend.


Thursday, April 12

Concurrent Session 7

 6:30 AM





10-10:30 AM




Resources Room Lightning Presentation (10:05-10:25) - Cajon Peak
PrivacyRobin Sanchez, Principal Analyst, Controllers/Business Services

 Concurrent Session 8


12:30 PM

1-1:15 PM

Lunch - Harvest/Vineyard

Closing Comments
Glenda Humiston, Vice President

1:30-3:30 PM

Academic Peer Cohort Meeting - Silverwood
Wendy Powers, Associate Vice President
John Fox, Human Resources Director 

This afternoon meeting presents an opportunity for newer academics to meet each other, network, and set a course for interacting in the future. Agenda topics will include: making sense of needs assessment findings and developing a program evaluation plan. Participants are asked to come prepared to share their experiences, successes and challenges. More details about the topics and networking event will be shared through the New Academic Peer Cohort Collaborative Tools group.

1:30 PM




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