University of California
ANR Statewide Conference 2018

2C. Science Session

What Does Robust Water Resource Mgmt. Look Like in Cal.?

A diverse cross-section of experts in California water resource management and policy development has been assembled for this session.  Higher level perspectives on the status of California’s water resources across the diverse landscapes making up watersheds will be the focus.  Challenges that lie ahead to achieve sustainable water resource management and insights to how science can guide future policy will also be part of the conversation.  We encourage you to join us in this session. 

Moderator: Laurent Ahiablame, Water Quality and Management Advisor, San Diego CE

3:30 Big picture view of water resource management in CA – Nigel Quinn, Berkeley National Laboratory, Research Group Leader, HydroEcological Engineering Advanced Decision Support (HEADS)

3:45 The State of Upper Watershed Hydrology in California – Gabrielle Boisrame, Delta Stewardship Council and visiting researcher at UC Berkeley, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

4:00 Understanding California’s Groundwater Resource – Thomas Harter, CE Groundwater Specialist and Endowed Chair in Water Management and Policy, Dept. of Land, Air, and Water, UC Davis

4:15 Safe Drinking Water - What’s More Essential? – A joint presentation by Pat Crawford, CE Nutrition Specialist, Nutrition Policy Institute, and Christina Hecht, Senior Policy Advisor, Nutrition Policy Institute

4:30 Navigating the Legislative Process – Anne Megaro, Director, Government and Community Relations

4:45 Panel Q & A - All six speakers to address questions from the audience as they offer different perspectives.

5:00 End

Planning Committee: Allan Fulton, Darren Haver, Christina Hecht, Susie Kocher, Doug Parker, and Tapan Pathak.

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