University of California
ANR Statewide Conference 2018

3A. Science Session

Bees and Pollination

Bees play a critical role in the pollination of many agriculturally important crops and native plants. Colony collapse disorder, improper insecticide use, pathogens, climate change and other factors are threatening our native bee and honey bee populations. This session provides an introduction to research and extension efforts addressing this critically important issue.

Elina Niño, CE Specialist, Entomology, UC Davis
Michael Anderson, Professor and Chair, Environmental Sciences, UC Riverside

8:30 Introduction & Overview of Pollination, Bees and Issues – Elina Niño, CE Specialist, Entomology, UC Davis

8:45 Bee Nutrition and Foraging Habitat Hollis Woodard, Professor, Entomology, UC Riverside

9:00 Pollination in Agricultural Landscapes – Neal Williams, Professor, Entomology, UC Davis 

9:15 Restoring Native Bees in Agricultural Landscapes Lauren Ponisio, Professor, Entomology UC Riverside

9:30 Bee Reproduction and Immunity - Boris Baer, Professor, Entomology, UC Riverside

9:45 Microbial Symbionts and Bee Health – Quinn McFrederick, Professor, Entomology, UC Riverside

10:00 End


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