University of California
ANR Statewide Conference 2018

4F. Funding

Advancing Teams to Enable Interdisciplinary Extension Projects

Coordinated teams of investigators with diverse skills and knowledge must integrate their work across disciplines to solve complex, multi-factorial social problems with multiple causes: food insecurity, climate change, economic development, and the rise of chronic disease.  This approach is seen as a promising way to accelerate scientific innovation and the translation of scientific findings into effective policies and practices, providing the greatest return on investment for research funding.  Academic institutions, industry, governments, and other funders are increasingly investing in large, interdisciplinary, team science initiatives.  In short, grant-winning and the subsequent scientific research have become “team sports.”  This academic professional development program will focus on tools for planning well-integrated interdisciplinary research-education-extension projects, characteristics of successful scientific teams, and strategies for effective scientific collaboration.

Speaker: M. Kathleen Joyce, MPA, President, M. Kathleen Joyce & Associates, in partnership with American Institute of Biological Sciences


Strategic Plan Goals #10c and #1: Pursue large extramural contracts and grants by encouraging and facilitating collaboration between campuses and UC ANR; Strengthen research and extension partnerships

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