University of California
ANR Statewide Conference 2018

Steering Committee


David Doll, Leader, Sustainable Food Systems Strategic Initiative
John Harper, Leader, Sustainable Natural Ecosystems Strategic Initiative
Keith Nathaniel, Leader, Healthy Families and Communities Strategic Initiative - Executive Co-Chair
Doug Parker, Leader, Water Strategic Initiative - Executive Co-Chair
Cheryl Wilen, Leader, Endemic and Invasive Pests and Diseases Strategic Initiative


Michael Anderson, Executive Associate Dean, College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences, UC Riverside
Mark Bell, Vice Provost, Strategic Initiatives and Statewide Programs/Institutes
David Doll
, Leader, Sustainable Food Systems Strategic Initiative
John Fox, Executive Director, Human Resources
Chris Greer, Vice Provost, Cooperative Extension
Brad Hanson, Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist, Plant Sciences Department, UC Davis 
John Harper, Leader, Sustainable Natural Ecosystems Strategic Initiative
Darren Haver, Director, South Coast Research & Extension Center and Orange County Cooperative Extension
Mike Janes, Director, Communication Services & Information Technology
Maggi Kelly, Director, Informatics & Geographic Information Systems
Neil McRoberts, Associate Professor, Plant Pathology Department, UC Davis 
Keith Nathaniel, Leader, Healthy Families & Communities Strategic Initiative
Katie Panarella, Director, Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program/CalFresh
Doug Parker, Leader, Water Strategic Initiative
Maurice Pitesky, Assistant Specialist in Cooperative Extension, School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis
Joni Rippee, Director, Program Planning & Evaluation
Rachel Surls, Advisor, Sustainable Food Systems, Los Angeles County
Cheryl Wilen, Leader, Endemic and Invasive Pests and Diseases Strategic Initiative
Patti Wooten-Swanson, Advisor, Nutrition, Family & Consumer Science, San Diego County



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