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Endemic and Invasive Pests and Diseases Panel Members

How the Panels help

The SI Panels help


1. Create vision, 2. Identify themes & priorities, 3. Input to Strategic Plan, 4. Hold meetings, 5. Operate a think tank, 6. Help build capacity, 7. Input to staffing needs, and 8. Manage grants


1. Collate stories & highlights, 2. Develop materials (white papers, etc.), 3. Foster debate


1. Represent UC ANR and the SI, 2. Engage stakeholders and government, 3. Raise awareness, 4.Represent on Program Council

Initiative Leader

Photo of Dr Jim Farrar
Dr Jim Farrar
Title: Director, Statewide IPM Program
Specialty: IPM, integrated pest management, plant pathology, vegetable diseases, fungi
Phone: 530-750-1249
Email: jjfarrar@ucanr.edu

Panel Members

Photo of Dr SHARIF ALY
Specialty: Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Phone: 5596881731
Email: saly@ucdavis.edu
Photo of Elizabeth J Fichtner
Elizabeth J Fichtner
Title: Farm Advisor
Specialty: Orchard Systems
Phone: (559) 684-3310
Email: ejfichtner@ucanr.edu
Photo of Matteo M. Garbelotto Ph.D.
Matteo M. Garbelotto Ph.D.
Title: Extension Specialist in Forest Pathology and Adjunct Professor
Specialty: Forest pathology and mycology
Phone: (510) 643-4282
Email: matteog@berkeley.edu
Photo of Dr Maurice Pitesky
Dr Maurice Pitesky
Title: Assistant Specialist
Specialty: Poultry Health and Food Safety Epidemiology
Phone: 530-752-3215
Email: mepitesky@ucdavis.edu
Photo of Richard A Redak
Richard A Redak
Title: Entomologist Professor & Chair
Specialty: Integrated management of insect pests on commercial floricultural and ornamental plants, ecology of plant-insect interactions within the urban/natural/agricultural interface, community ecology of insects, conservation biology
Phone: (951) 827-7250
Email: richard.redak@ucr.edu
Photo of Emily J. Symmes Ph.D.
Emily J. Symmes Ph.D.
Title: Area IPM Advisor
Specialty: Integrated pest management
Phone: 530-538-7201
Email: ejsymmes@ucanr.edu