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Verifying Payments and Refunds

Occasionally there will be instances where a customer asks for a refund.  Getting a refund processed is simple, and not very time consuming.

Refunds for units in the Plant Sciences Department are processed by Heather Kawakami, while refunds for everyone else are processed by Janene Iorga.

Credit card refund requests must come from the department where the survey originated and from a ucanr.edu email address.

In order to process the refund, they will need some information from the survey results screen.  Specifically, they need to know:

User Number
Payment Amount

This information can be found in the first 3 columns of the View Results page.


The payee's name is also helpful, but does not always match the name on the credit card, so that is not required.

It is recommended that you e-mail this information to the person responsible for processing the refund, then follow-up via a phone call.  

Refunds are not posted back to the survey system.  You will need to ensure that records of refunds are kept on your own!

Verifying Payment

There are times when you may want to verify that a payment has been made.  This can be done in 3 steps.

  1. Check the 'View Results' page.  This page is generally very accurate, but due to communication errors, there have been times when a payment does not appear in the survey system.  This is a regrettable situation that is out of our hands.
  2. Check your DaFIS accounts.  The payments will be posted within 24 hours of being made.
  3. Contact either Janene Iorga, or Sue DiTomasso asking for verification in the TouchNet system

DaFIS should be seen as the final authority on whether or not a payment has been made.