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Pest Information for the Home & Garden

Helpful pest management links

from the University of California

Cooperative Extension:


Sacramento Valley IPM Checklist, August 2018

What is Integrated Pest Management and what can it do for you!


UC IPM Online - The comprehensive source for pest management information from the University of California.

Pests in Homes, Gardens, Landscapes and Turf
- University of California's pest management guidelines for monitoring techniques, pesticides, and non-pesticide alternatives.

Pest Notes - Get information on a particular insect, weed, or disease pest here.

Good bug/bad bug identification helpers - Identifying a pest and its natural enemies is the first step to successful pest management. These interactive ID keys and photo galleries can help.

ANR Catalog - Books for sale/free publications from the University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Whether you're looking for crop production or pest management advice, study materials for continuing education exams, information on nutrition or gardening tips--the answers are at the click of a mouse.


Other Useful Links


Fight the Bite: West Nile Virus in California - Gardeners are easy prey for mosquitoes: stay informed!
"What's That Bug?"  -  You have found something eating your tomatoes, or some very strange insect that you've never seen before? "What's That Bug can help!