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School Nutrition Education Program

Meet our Nutrition Educators

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Our team of youth nutrition educators use evidence-based nutrition-curriculum to teach lessons in the classroom.  During the lesson students learn about nutrition, physical activity, and engage in taste testing.  Students participate by trying healthy California-grown food including fruits, vegetables, dairy, grain, and protein.

Teacher (K - 12) who enroll in our program receive nutrition curriculum and materials!  All nutrition curricula aligns with common core.

Our team is supported by experts from the University of California who are on the cutting-edge of the latest research and curriculum design.

Currently, Tulare County ranks among the lowest county in food security and the highest in low-income residents.  Furthermore, research indicates that school-age children fall short of the recommended fruit and vegetable intake and 29% of children are living in food insecure households (i.e., without access to a reliable source of nutritious food) as compared to 22.9% in California.  UC CalFresh addresses these issues by educating low-income school children and their families to adopt life applicable skills and practices in food resource management, food safety, healthy food selection and by increasing accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables.

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For more information on the School Nutrition Education
program or any of the curriculum  please contact:

Teresa Spicer
Program Supervisor
CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Program
4437B South Laspina Street
Tulare, CA 93274

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