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Smarter Lunchrooms Movement

UC CalFresh also supports Smarter Lunchrooms Movement (SLM).  This movement was created by Cornell University with the purpose to improve the eating behaviors of student, reduce the amount of food wasted in the cafeteria and increase sales. This is accomplished through low to no cost solutions in the cafeteria.  For example, placing healthy food front and center to increase visibility and convenience to nudge students to take it.  Another solution is adding clear, clean and colorful nutrition signs to improve ambiance so students feel welcomed and informed.

The mission of the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement of California is to provide training and technical advising for school food service in California on the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement theory and practices created by the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Program funded by the USDA.

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There are six guiding principles of behavioral economics used in SLM to improve eating behaviors.  They are based on research concerning various environmental cues that influence eating behavior.  They are true in school lunchrooms as well as restaurants, food courts and even in your home kitchen.

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Our staff are Certified Technical Assistance Providers, which means they can support schools in SLM efforts.  They assist schools in administering the SLM Scorecard.  This is an objective tool that contains 60 simple, no-cost or low-cost strategies that lunchrooms can use to increase participation, improve consumption of healthy food, and reduce food waste.  The strategies are based on research from the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs and partners.

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We also support schools with Nutrition Corners, either by providing posters and supplies or setting up a colorful nutrition corner.

Our staff can train your school's food service staff using the SLM No Time to Train Training Handbook.  It is a year of 10-Minute Workshops specifically for lunchroom staff.  These lessons will help your staff members understand, implement and maintain Smarter Lunchroom strategies with enthusiasm and precision.

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For more information about SLM and training please visit https://www.smarterlunchrooms.org/.